Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where is your mask?

Suddenly the fairy gasps. "Wait!" she says, "Where is your mask? You can't enter the ballroom without one."

Before you even have a chance to worry about what you will do, two tiny little fairies appear, each wearing the tiniest of masks.

"No mask!" says the one wearing brilliant colors, "this will never do!"

A dark little fairy darts in front of your face. "But never fear! We will find the perfect mask for you, just wait here!"

They are both flit away before you can even reply. You wait impatiently in the shadows, wondering what they will do, how will they ever come up with a mask for you to wear?

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8 Smooshing Thoughts:

The Copper Cauldron Soaps said...

Yet another dynamic duo of masks!

Anonymous said...

they are too cute

rachel said...

Aaaaww these masks are so cute!... and loving the storytelling!

sukigirl said...

I like how you put the two fairie masks in the same post...they make a nice contrast to each other.
Nicely done!

Creative Critters said...

I love these masks! Something about the mini size really grabs me too. Just so very cool!

ByCoco said...

Using dolls as models was ingenious. Again, story is a great compliment to the masks displayed.

ElementalDragons said...

I love the idea of using barbies. I love small works of art and these are GREAT!

2BeadOrNot2Bead said...

I'm going to have to give miniature masking a try -- although I'm pretty sure that the detail in these beauties is beyond my fumble fingered abilities!