Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clay Addiction Collection

This wonderful collection was curated by LeslieMaire by Design and features a lovely variety of handmade creations from members of the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild.

To learn more about any of these items simply click on the pictures to be directed to the listing.
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Blog Roll- Everything Is Just Beachy

The theme for this week's Blog Roll is Everything Is Just Beachy, which is very fitting for what is usually considered the beginning of Summer.  Many people celebrate Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer, having cookouts, opening their pools, going camping, and having family get togethers.  And the weather (in my neck of the woods at least) usually gets pretty warm during this weekend, making a dip in the pool or lake very inviting!  This is when we often see the upper 80's or even 90's, and this is when I really miss living right on the lake!  The members of The Polymer Clay Smooshers guild have created all sorts of wonderful beach themed clay items, and I wanted to showcase a few of them on this long holiday weekend.
What's a beach without a lighthouse?  This Lighthouse ACEO is a micromosaic from Kael Mijoy with tons of tiny detail.
Lighthouse ACEO, Polymer Clay Micromosaic 
And of course mermaids like to hang out at the beach too.  This cute little mermaid from Kimis Jewelry From The Heart can be made into a bracelet or a necklace- your choice!
 Green mermaid necklace or bracelet you pick 
And while you're swimming you might be lucky enough enough to discover a seahorse like this one from Luvbeads by LL.
And this pin from Mortimer Inc is called Life's a Beach- just perfect for this week's theme!
Pin, Lifes a Beach 
You can also find unique and interesting starfish while at the beach.  This purple starfish pendant from Tina Holden Design is just beautiful!
And those are just a few of the beachy creations from some of the Smooshers!  You can click on any of the pictures to be directed to the listing and learn more about each of these wonderful pieces.  To see more beach themed clay creations stop by
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The entries for the Smooshers May Flowers Challenge

You challenged the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild to create items based on the theme May Flowers, and our members have answered that challenge beautifully!  Below are all the items that were created for this challenge.
These two adjustable flower rings were made by Siljewel.
Polymer Clay Silver Adjustable Flower Ring 
Polymer Clay Silver Adjustable Flower Ring 
Fyrestorm Creations made this beautiful charm bracelet which she titles I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.
 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Lampwork Style Charm Bracelet 
This lovely heart flower and butterfly dish was created by Kimis-Jewelry-From-the-Heart.
Reserved for Jeremy - May Flowers Heart & Butterfly Dish 
Her second entry is this gorgeous floral plaque.
Leslie Marie by Design sculpted these pretty pink Tiger Lily hair pins as her first entry.
Hairpins Pink and Black Handmade Tiger lily Hairpins 
And this orange and red Tiger Lily bead as her second entry.
Tiger Lily Flower Beads Hand Sculpted Orange and Red 
CreativeCritters entered this unique and whimsical purple dragon necklace with Iris flower beads and Swarovski crystals.  It's called Mai's Flowers.
OOAK Purple Dragon and Iris Flower Necklace with Swarovski Crystals 
And this floral trinket box with red glass butterflies and white ceramic bird beads is the second entry.
 Purple Pink and Blue Polymer Clay Trinket Box with Flowers and Birds 
Wyvern Designs made these two beautiful necklaces for her entries.
Circle of Flowers Pendant Necklace  
Flower Tube Bead Necklace 
And the final two entries come from TTE Designs.  She made this Fleur De Lis Pendant and this vibrant clay covered egg as her entries.
 Fleur Di Lis Pendant
Wooden Polymer Clay Easter Egg 
I want to thank all the members who took the time to create these wonderful entries for the May Flowers challenge!  All of these pictures are linked to the listing in each member's shop, so you can learn more about each item.   Be sure to use the poll at the top right of the Smooshers blog to vote on the theme for our next challenge ;-)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blog Roll- It's a Bug's Life!

I know it's been a while since I've posted here, and for that I must apologize.  I've been going through some personal issues, having problems with my hand (a very bad thing for a sculptor!), and having problems with my internet connection.  In spite of all this I'm going to try to keep up with the Smooshers!
This week's theme for the Blog Roll is It's a Bug's Life!  I happen to be very fond of most bugs myself.  I've always been a bit of a tomboy, so I was out there in the woods with my brothers collecting bugs, watching ants go about their business, and being amazed by spiders spinning their intricate webs.  As an organic gardener bugs are vital to the health of my flowers and veggies (and there are far more "good bugs" than "bad bugs" out there).  The variety of bugs in nature seems limitless, and the same can be said of bugs made from polymer clay!  Here are just a few samples created by the talented members of the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild.
Here are some cute little bookworms from Amazing Designs.  When I was young I raised earthworms and sold them at the local bait shop, and now I encourage them to call my garden home.  They help aerate the soil with their tunnels, and earthworm castings (poop) are excellent fertilizer.  I'm also an avid reader, so I really like these particular bookmarks!
Bookworm Book Marks for Your Young Avid Reader 
Unlike many people, I have no fear of bees.  I find them fascinating and I always welcome them in my garden.  They're such industrious little creatures!  And for all the time I've spent with bees buzzing all around me, I've never been stung.  I respect their space, and they don't seem to mind my presence among the flowers.  I think they appreciate the delightful floral buffet I offer ;-)  This Steampunk bee pendant from Desert Rubble is just awesome (and you know this one will never sting- LOL)!Steampunk Jewelry Urban Bee Pendant Industrial Wing Silver Gold Copper 
Dragonflies are another of my favorite bugs.  When I was younger and lived near a lake I would spend all day swimming with the dragonflies cruising over my head.  Sometimes they'd even land on my outstretched hand to take a little rest.  Now they patrol my vegetable garden and hunt other insects for me.  I've got a few regular visitors that hang out with me all summer long.  The way they cock their head when I talk to them (yup, I talk to bugs- LOL) I swear they're listening to me.  This beautiful necklace from Dragonfly Serenade is a wonderful way to show your love of this delightful creature! 
And who doesn't love butterflies?  Dainty, delicate, fluttering through the air, stopping briefly to sip nectar from a flower before floating off again.  In spite of their delicate appearance though, these creatures are surprisingly tough.  Monarchs fly many miles (all the way from Mexico to the US!) on their yearly migration.  Strength and beauty all in a tiny colorful package ;-)  This butterfly wing pendant from Drunkenmimes makes me think of the Monarchs I see fluttering around my back yard every summer.
Butterfly Wing Pendant in Orange Black and Gold 
And those are just a few of my favorite bugs, as seen in polymer clay.  Be sure to check out all the wonderful creations these artists have to offer!  You can click on the pictures to be directed to the product listing, and click on the shop name to view everything they have for sale.
Have a great weekend!