Friday, March 30, 2012

Smooshers members answer the question: Who Is Your Favorite Polymer Clay Artist

We all have our favorite polymer clay artists, and I thought I'd share what some of the members of the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild had to say about their personal favorites.
CreativeSisters said "I finally took a class with Donna Kato at the Clay Carnival Retreat in Las Vegas. She was awesome!  I felt the same way about her clay - too hard to condition.  Her new clay now is much softer - and mixed in with her old clay it is perfect for me."  You can visit to see the wide range of polymer clay products available from Donna Kato, check out her gallery, and find some fun tutorials.
WyvernDesigns said "There are so many polymer clay artists I admire, including some right here on Art Fire. There are two artists that immediately come to mind when I think polymer clay, Donna Kato and Lisa Pavelka. Maybe it's because I watched them on the Carol Duval show some years ago but Donna does such amazing work and Lisa was the first polymer clay artist I had seen doing the mica shift technique, which fascinates me. Both inspired me to try creating with polymer clay and I learned quite a bit through watching them."  Visit to check out Lisa Pavelka's gallery, read her blog, and shop for her wonderful products.
Tonya'sTreasures said "My first choice always has to be Donna Kato. It was seeing her on Carol Duvall that got me interested in polymer clay. I love her whimsical style and use of bright colors. Next is Jana Roberts Benzon. She has such a unique style and imagination. I wish I had half her talent. Another pair I admire are Lindly Haunani & Maggie Maggio for their skill with color. I want to acknowledge some amazing caners, too - Sarah Shriver, Sarajane Helm, Judith Skinner and Karen Lewis. Caning has never been something I had great patience with, so I tip my hat to those with the talent." You can find Jana Roberts Benzon and her amazing work at, Lindly Haunani at, and Maggie Maggio at  Check out Sarah Shriver at, Judith Skinner at, and Karen Lewis at
CreativeCritters said "A few of my personal favorites include Christi Friesen, Maureen Carlson, and Katherine Dewey. When I was in my early 20's I got my first book on polymer clay: Maureen Carlson's How To Make Clay Characters. That was the book that started me on my amazing polymer clay journey. I never knew how to sculpt people before, but with Maureen's instruction I learned how to create realistic people, whimsical people, fairies, gnomes, and so much more. I have every book from her that I could find ;-) Katherine Dewey wrote Creating Life Like Animals in Polymer Clay and Creating Life Like Figures in Polymer Clay. Because of those two books I was able to really refine my skills when it came to sculpting realistic animals and fairies, elves, and other fantasy beings. Christi Friesen is actually a rather recent discovery for me, but once I "met" her on Facebook I was an instant fan. Christi is just so much fun, and I love every book I've bought from her. I adore her teaching style and her sculpting style. She encourages you to do things your own way and get creative with her projects, and she's constantly coming up with new ideas and techniques. I love the way she incorporates all sorts of beads, findings, and other "non-traditional" things into her clay projects. And I don't want to forget Dinko Tilov, who wrote Creating Fantasy Polymer Clay Characters, and co-wrote (with Boris Tilov) Sculpting Mythical Creatures out of Polymer Clay. I love the fun and fantasy and freedom that comes with his instruction. He encourages you to really "feel" the clay, and see the character within that shapeless lump ;-) Each of these wonderful artists has their own unique style, and each has taught me something different about sculpting. Of course this is just the beginning of a very long list, but these are the artists who probably influence my work the most."  Katherine Dewey can be found at, Maureen Carlson at, Christi Friesen at,  and Dinko Tilov at
I encourage you to checkout these links a see what all these wonderful artists have to offer!
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Smooshers Blog Roll- Think Pink!

The theme for this week's Blog Roll is Think Pink.  Lots of things come to mind when I think pink: sweet little baby girls, delicate pink flowers, twitching pink bunny noses, and soft pink hearts just to name a few.  And of course the Smoosher's shops are filled with pretty pink polymer clay creations!
Here's a pair of pretty pink flower earrings from Handmade Specialties.  I love all the different shade of pink you find in flowers- everything from the palest pink to bright and bold Fushia pink.
Pink Flower Polymer Clay Earrings 
Pink also makes me think of Easter.  And this beautiful polymer clay covered egg with tiny pink flowers from Kael Mijoy is wonderful for Easter!
Collectible Easter Egg Polymer Clay Vines and Flowers with Stand 
And then there's this beautiful pink heart with a black swirl design from Kathryn Designs- so elegant and feminine!
Swirl heart necklace Curve Collection polymer clay shades of pink 
And here's something for that special little girl in your life- an adorable pink kitty ballerina bracelet from Kimis Jewelry From the Heart!  It's just so cute and any little girl would absolutely love it!
I hope you enjoyed this sweet bit of pink from the Smooshers!  To discover more pretty pinks check out these other posts from Smoosher's members: and
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Smooshers Blog Roll- Signs of Spring

The topic for this week's Blog Roll is Signs of Spring, which is very appropriate!  Many of us have had a warmer than usual winter and Spring is appearing even earlier than normal.  In my own yard flowers like daffodils, hyacinths, and even tulips are poking through the soil about a month earlier than normal.  The trees are getting buds already and the birds have started pairing off.  You can find plenty of signs of Spring within the shops of the Smooshers guild members as well.
This beautiful red rose pendant from Amazing Designs reminds me of Gramma's rose bushes, which are getting their leaves already.  Roses are always beautiful, and can be much tougher plants than one might think, in spite of their delicate appearance.  Gramma's rose bushes have survived and bloomed for 50 years, sometimes in very difficult conditions.
A Single Red Rose Pendant 
I've even seen a few bees out already.  Some people are scared of bees, but these wonderful insects are always welcome in my garden.  Not only do they help pollinate my flowers and vegetables, but many varieties hunt the bad bugs that would harm my garden.  This Bee and Honeycomb pendant with Spring Flowers from Artmakers Worlds is a wonderful representation of Spring!
Bee and honeycomb pendant with spring flowers 
This brooch from AverilPam reminds me of the trees and plants that still have some of Fall's dried brown leaves attached while Spring's bright green new leaves are growing alongside them.  It makes for a beautiful contrast!
Polymer Clay Brooch Brown and Green Leaves on a Vine 
This pretty flower cane from Blue Morning Expressions makes me think of the tiny blue and purple violets that have started popping up in the yard.  I love these tough little flowers that brighten up the lawn!Raw Polymer Clay Flower Cane
This flower pendant from Christina Kosinki Designs reminds me of my own flower gardens, with their mix of many different types of colorful flowers.  I'm fond of variety in my artwork, as well as in my gardens ;-)
Necklace Polymer Clay Flowers on Disc Satin Cord  Hand sculpted retro 
And these are just a few of the signs of Spring showing up in the shop of the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild members!  For a closer look at any of these items, just click on the picture.  And while you're there, be sure to browse the entire shop and see what other signs of Spring you can discover!
To read more about the Signs of Spring from other guild members check out these posts,,, and
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wishing all of our friends, fan, and Polymer Clay Smooshers guild members a Happy St. Patrick's Day! =)

To view any of these items more closely simply click on the picture to be directed to the listing. 
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Monday, March 12, 2012

The theme for the next Smooshers Challenge is Textures from Nature

Our fans have voted and the winning theme for our next Challenge was Textures From Nature!  Thank you all so much for taking the time to vote and give our guild members a wonderful theme to work from!  This particular theme gives us a lot of choices as to what we can create.  I'm envisioning textured leaf jewelry, vases resembling a hollow tree, silky textured flower petals, and even furry animals!  To enter these challenges you need to be a member of the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild on ArtFire.  You're allowed to enter 2 items, which must be made from polymer clay and listed in your ArtFire shop.  Your entries need to be relevant to the theme and you need to post a link to them in this thread in our guild forums.  The deadline for entries is April 12th.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the entries for this one!  In the meantime, here are a few items that are already available in some of our member's shops.
Here's a delightfully whimsical fish pendant from Mortimer Inc complete with scales and textured skin.  You may not see a fish quite like this swimming around in the nearby river, but fantasy creatures count for this challenge ;-)
Fun, Flirty, Girly Fish Pin or Pendant 
And this Froggy by the Pond ring from MysticalMeDesigns has textured soil and greenery, and even a tiny mushroom!  The amount of detail in such a small piece is just amazing!
And these rose pens from RosyWriters mimic the texture of beautiful roses you might find in your garden.

 This necklace from SharpArtbyDawna has a very natural and organic look  to it.
Organic Style Polymer Clay Necklace handmade in the USA 
This vase from CreativeCritters not only has textured bark, but fur texture on the cute raccoon ;-)
These items aren't entries in the Textures From Nature Challenge, just some samples of things that would qualify.  If you'd like to learn more about any of these pieces, just click on the picture to be directed to their listings.
Thanks so much for stopping by, and be sure to check back to see what new creations our members come up with!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Smooshers Blog Roll- Green

The theme for this week's Blog roll is Green, which is just perfect at this time of year. Spring is on it's way (don't forget to turn your clocks forward this weekend!), and Mother Nature is starting to add little touches of green here and there.  The crocuses are starting to come up, and the daffodil leaves are poking through the soil.  Some of my hyacinths are even pushing up through their covering of Fall leaves.  We've had a mild winter, so some plants and trees are getting buds even sooner than usual. 
And the Smooshers have plenty of fresh green items to share as well!  These Green Frog earrings from WyvernDesigns make me think of the Spring Peepers that fill warm Spring nights with their mating calls.
Green Frog Earrings 
And this Dragon Trinket Box from WishfullThinking has many shades of green throughout.  He looks like a Spring Dragon to me ;-)
dragon trinket box 
And here's a beautiful and unique green flower pendant from ValeriesStuff. These remind me of early Spring flowers.
polymer clay, glass beads, and wire pendant, strange flowers 
And this Emerald Amethyst Polymer Clay Rectangle Pendant and Earring Set from TTEDesigns is just gorgeous.  The colors go together perfectly!
Emerald Amethyst  Polymer Clay Rectangle Pendant & Earrings set 
And one final green gem today- a Magical Lime Green 23K Gold Leaf necklace from TonyasTreasures.  This is a truly elegant piece of jewelry!
Magical Lime Green 23K Gold Leaf Necklace 
Read more posts on the Smooshers Green Blog Roll from our members at these links and
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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Final Entries in the Smooshers Celtic Challenge

And here's a look at the last of the entries in the Polymer Clay Smooshers Celtic Challenge.  Each of these items was sculpted specifically for this challenge, and each is available for sale in the artist's ArtFire shop.  Just click on the picture to be directed to the listing, and while you're there be sure to check out all the other wonderful items available from each artist.
Valerie's Stuff created this beautiful Polymer Clay Celtic Inspired Necklace as her entry for the challenge.
The description reads: This lovely and simple necklace is comprised of five polymer clay pieces - stamped with Celtic inspired designs - which are discreetly accented with glass and hematite beads. The chain is gunmetal (base metal iron).
The overall length of the necklace is 16 3/4" with lobster claw clasp. The center piece is approx. 1 1/4" square and each side piece is approx 1" by 3/4".
The center piece is a wonderful navy granite polymer clay to which I have added a dusting of gold mica powder. The side pieces are a copper colored polymer clay.
LeslieMarie by Design made this lovely Celtic Tree of Life Necklace as her entry.
 Celtic Tree of Life Necklace Handmade Polymer Clay 
The description reads: "Crann Bethadh" or the Tree of life is a symbol of power that endures time.
Symbolizing balance between life and nature, the tree is usually depicted with roots to show the balance between Life, Death, and Rebirth. When the roots and branches interlock, this is considered representation of eternity.
The Celtic people believed trees were a symbol of Wisdom, Strength, and longevity. Many Celtic rituals were centered around trees. Trees provided food, warmth and shelter to humans. With their natural cycles of Life, Death, and Rebirth, they were an obvious choice for sacred symbols.
This Celtic Tree of Life pendant is made from polymer clay and copper jeweler's wire. It hangs beautifully from four strands of seed beads and glass pearls. It is finished with a copper S hook.
This Tree of Life necklace sits just below the collar bone when worn.
And this magical Irish Celtic Fairy sculpture is the second entry for CreativeCritters.
Irish Celtic Fairy in Green Sitting with Cross Fox OOAK Sculpture
The description reads:  This Celtic fairy was sculpted by hand using Premo polymer clay. She wears a sparkling green polymer clay dress and her green slippers were painted on with acrylic paint. The laces are thin strings of polymer clay. Her glossy black hair is also polymer clay and has been textured for added realism. Her ruffled wings were made from a blue, green, yellow, and glow in the dark polymer clay cane (which I created just for this project). The veins and outer edges of the wings on both sides glow in the dark creating a truly magical effect. The last picture shows the back of the wings in the dark, although in reality the glowing sections are much clearer and more defined. The pretty fairy is petting and talking to a cross fox, which is a color variant of the red fox and can be found in Ireland. The fox was also sculpted by hand from Premo polymer clay. He has a red and black coat with a white tipped tail and I coated his nose and eyes with high gloss varnish for a realistic shine. I used acrylic paint to add the black coloration to the fox's underbelly, legs, face, ears, back, and tail. The rocks that the fairy is sitting on were also created from polymer clay, as were the yellow flowers at her feet. I mixed equal amounts of yellow and glow in the dark clay, so the flowers also glow nicely in the dark. The sculpture measures 4 1/2 inches tall ans the base is 4 inches wide. I covered the bottom of the base in felt, which I've signed and dated so you know this is an original creation.

I want to thank all of the guild members who entered this challenge, as well as though who have helped promote it.  And of course a big thank you to all of our wonderful fans for your support and and comments!  And don't forget, there's just one day left to vote on the theme for our next challenge- the poll can be found on the upper right side of the blog.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

More wonderful entries on the Smoosher's Celtic Challenge

Today I'll be sharing more of the wonderful entries in the Polymer Clay Smoosher's guild's Celtic Challenge.  Many members really stretched their creativity to come up with these pieces, and each one is unique.  All of these items were created specifically for this challenge, and each piece is available for sale in the artist's shop.  Click on the picture to be directed to the listing, and while you're there take a little time to check out the entire shop.  You're sure to find all sorts of wonderful handmade items while you're there!
GEMS PC Creations sculpted this lovely Celtic Stamped Polymer Clay Necklace for the challenge.
The description reads: This polymer clay necklace was done using a couple of techniques: stamping on clay with a Celtic design texture sheet and application of a kaleidoscope cane (created by Evelyn Bakos). It was strung with brass chain, brass connectors and jump rings. It comes with a brass magnetic closure. This necklace measures approximately 16" long.
ArtMakers Worlds created this magical Moss Green Fern Covered Fairy as an entry.
 Moss green fern covered fairy door 
The description reads: A wee moss color rustic fairy door draped in hanging fern leaves and featuring a faux green opal door window and matching wall charms.
The door handle is made of an old weathered willow branch. And some tall tropical grasses border each side of the door.
I gave the gems a coat of gloss to really help make them look precious.
(everything is made with polymer clay of course.)
So what is a fairy door?
It's an adorable miniature door which you can place anywhere inside your home or out in the garden. By placing a fairy door you will invite mystical Fairies, (including the tooth fairy,) Pixies, Gnomes and all other magical wee folk an inviting entrance to your home for good luck.
Each door is a one of a kind original. OOAK
This Celtic Green Man pendant from CreativeCritters celebrates Celtic mythology as well as Spring.
 Handmade Celtic Green Man Polymer Clay pendant 
The description reads: The Green Man of Celtic mythology is interpreted as a symbol of rebirth and represents the cycle of growth each Spring. This Green Man pendant was sculpted by hand from green Premo polymer clay. Textured leaves cover his face, which was sculpted on to a piece of clay in shades of brown made to resemble tree bark. Before baking I applied a mix of green, gold, and blue green Pearl Ex powders for a lovely and unique iridescent shimmer. I painted the Green Man's eyes with acrylic paint and sealed the pendant with high gloss varnish. I inserted a twisted green wire into the clay before baking and added liquid polymer clay to guarantee that the wire won't pull out. This pendant measures 2 inches tall and 2 inches wide.
Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see the last of the entries for the Smoosher's Celtic challenge, and don't forget to vote on the the theme for our next challenge!  The poll can be found on the upper right side of our blog.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More awesome entries for the Smooshers Celtic Challenge

I wanted to give you all a closer look at more of the wonderful entries in the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild's Celtic Challenge.  Each of these items was sculpted from polymer clay and was made specifically for this challenge.  These items are for sale in the guild member's shops, so just click on the picture to be directed to the listing in their shop.  And don't forget to browse around a bit while you're there- you can find all sorts of delightful creations from these artists!
This Celtic Swirl Necklace from Wyvern Designs utilizes the mica shift technique which creates a beautiful effect.
Celtic Swirl Necklace 
The description reads: This Ghost image or mica shift pendant has been hand made from polymer clay.It is 3" wide x 1.25" high and has a black satin cord necklace with a silver plated toggle clasp. It is approximately 21" long.  A coating of Diamond Glaze really brings out the shine and enhances the ghost image of the Celtic Swirl design.
The second entry from Wyvern Designs is this lovely Monogram Celtic Knot necklace.
Monogram Celtic Knot Necklace 
The description reads: This large Celtic Knot Monogrammed Pendant has been hand made from polymer clay. The pendant is 2.5" in diameter and hangs from a hand made silver artistic wire bail. The chain is 16" long. The letter G has been hand carved from the circle of polymer clay and a border of polymer clay balls have been added to provide a frame. The pendant was then sanded and buffed to a subtle sheen.
 DreamweaversDesigns created this beautiful green faux leather stamped Celtic Knot Polymer Clay picture frame.
Faux leather green stamped celtic knot polymer clay frame 
The description reads: This unique faux leather frame measures 3 1/4 inches wide by 2 1/2 high. The scalloped picture cut out is 1 inch by 1 1/2 inches. After curing, the piece was painted with a green/black mix of acrylic paints, wiped with a wet cloth and re-cured to set the paint. The entire frame was then sanded and the front was brushed lightly with liquid wax to bring up the color. The back has a removable slide for standing.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the Smooshers Celtic creativity!  Be sure to stop back tomorrow and see what other wonderful items our members created for this fun challenge!
And don't forget to vote on the theme for our next challenge (the poll is on the upper right side of the blog)!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A closer look at some of the entries in the Celtic Challenge

I wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of the wonderful entries in the Polymer Clay Smooshers Celtic Challenge.  Everyone worked very hard to create these wonderful pieces!
This Celtic Knot Shamrock Polymer Clay Covered Pen from ArtmakersWorlds has beautiful detail.
Celtic Knot shamrock polymer clay covered pen 
The description reads: Using one of my own polymer clay canes, the celtic knot shamrock, I reduced a piece of cane to various sizes. Some big some small and covered this pen with lucky shamrocks!
The luckiest pen you'll ever own!
 This Celtic Inspired Polymer Clay Cuff from Sharp Art by Dawna is just striking with it's gorgeous red, black, and white colors.
Celtic Inspired Polymer Clay Cuff 
The description reads: OOAK bulky polymer clay cuff with unique pattern. Off white and black with red. Sanded and buffed to shine. Two heavy gauge steel wires run through for added strength.
Medium-Small at 6 3/4" inside diameter.
1 5/8" wide tapering down to 1 1/4" wide.
This Celtic Greenman- Spirit of the Forest Magnet from Fantasy Clay is absolutely awesome.
 Celtic Greenman - Spirit of the Forest Polymer Clay Magnet 
The description reads: This Celtic Greenman magnet is the pagan spirit of the forest. His treelike face and leaves show how connected he is to the forest. The face looks as though it is made of wood but it is actually polymer clay.
The tree spirit magnet is 4 inches (10 cm) long and 3 inches (7.6 cm) across. Very strong rare earth magnet are used. They are placed at the top and bottom so no matter how hard you slam the door, this magnet won't fall off.
All of these wonderful items are available for sale and you can view the listing on ArtFire by clicking on the picture, or view the artist's entire shop by clicking on their shop name.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing our creativity!  Don't forget to check back tomorrow for more amazing entries in our Celtic Challenge, and be sure to vote on the theme for our next challenge while you're here!  The poll can be found on  the upper right side of the blog.

Monday, March 5, 2012

And the entries for the Celtic Challenge are in!

This has been a really fun Challenge which has pushed the creativity of the Smooshers guild members!  Many of us have learned new things about the Celts and Celtic mythology and symbolism.  Learning, growing, and trying new things is what these challenges are all about!  Each item created for the Celtic challenge is available for sale in the artist's ArtFire shops.
I hope you enjoy the video! 
Don't forget to use the form on the upper right side of the blog to vote on the theme for our next challenge!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who is your favorite polymer clay artist?

Recently I asked the Smooshers who some of their favorite polymer clay artists were and I got a wide range of answers.  It's always interesting to find out which artists inspire others.  Often you can discover new artists and techniques that you may not have discovered on your own.  I'd like to share some of the Smooshers answers to this question here.
LeslieMariebyDesign said "I love what Donna Kato can do with Clay. I swear that woman can do just about anything. I will have to say though, I do not like her clay. I started out working with Kato clay. I switched to Premo because the Kato was so hard to condition and a lot of times it would be dry and brittle right out of the package."  You can check out Donna Kato's site at

ChristinaKosinskiDesigns said " Not really sure I have a favorite yet as there are so many wonderful artists out there that I haven't seen there work. I am in a group with Wendy Wallin Malinow and Maggi Maggio and they have really inspired me. Wendy does some really crazy off the wall stuff and Maggi is amazing with color.
Donna Kato I like some of her stuff. Christi Freisen is an awesome creator of cutesie things which just isnt my style.
Here on Artfire I am inspired by Strange Whimsy and DesertRubble. Even though Strange Whimsy is in the style of Christie Freisen I think I like hers better LOL.
So many to admire....

 Maggi Maggio  I admire for her ability to take a couple of  colors of clay and make a new color. She has imagination and is a very kind person and willing to share. She teaches all over the country but lives here in Portland Or.
 Wendy Wallin Malinow  has a great imagination. She does some of the most realistic teeth I have ever seen. Her nests that look like bones are amazing. I got  to see these in person this past weekend as we were at our Columbia Gorge Polymer Clay Art Network's clay camp. What a wonderful experience it was watching her and Maggi and also Laurel Swetnam do their thing with clay.
 There is also a person I admire but none of you will know who she is.. Debbie Martin.. She is great at finding things to give clay texture. This weekend she showed us how to make beads using  furniture carpet savers to roll beads between them for a great look.
 So all in all I think that I am inspired by so many. Of course the Smooshers are all very talented too!"
Wendy Wallin Malinow can be found at, Maggi Maggio at, Christi Friesen at, and Laurel Swetnam's blog at

Amazing Designs said " I have recently discoved a polymer clay artist, whose work I truly admire for its simplicity and native style. It is one I have a hard time with. She has her own web site as well as an (oops) dare I say an Etsy store. Here is the link to view her work:"

Fantasy Clay said 

"My very favorite is Christi Friesen- where do I start?
She emphasizes the creativity side of polymer clay. She never stops trying something new and when she finds it, she shares it with all - including those "extras" She learns something new and goes out of her way to share what she has found and how to do it.

Her books and tutorials are great for beginners but her ideas push an advanced clayer to try more. She uses simple shapes and makes them sensational. She has no issues with people selling her designs probably because she knows her own stuff is so unique,

Even better I have taken several classes with her including a cruise where I got a lot of one on one time with her, she is the same in person and more. I find myself drawn to her classes because she really emphasized creativity and bringing it out in anyone. She seems to be able to look at an piece during a class (and does) and see the potential and a direction to try.

Her work may not be fancy techniques or complicated styles but it is creative and original. I think more than showing the hows-tos, she really goes into exploring your own creative side. I guess I'm gushing a little but she is such a cool lady and so talented - she is definitely my fave."

There are so many wonderful and inspirational polymer clay artists out there that I'm going to break this up into two blog posts.  I hope the Smooshers have helped you discover some new artists and new ideas!  Leave a comment and share some of your own favorite artists- we'd love to hear from you! =)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Smooshers Blog Roll- It's a Zoo Out There!

The Smooshers have been doing the Blog Roll for some time now and I've decided to change it up a bit so the members who write blog posts get more exposure.  The way the Blog Roll works is that Art Asylum comes up with a new theme every week and the members that choose to participate write a post on their personal blogs relating to that theme and feature the work of other guild members in their post.  Normally I would write my post on my own blog, but I think I'm going to start writing it on Smooshers blog and include links to the posts that the other members write.  This should help get more exposure for the items featured and the member's blogs.
That being said, this week's theme is It's a Zoo Out There!  Of course when I think of zoos I think of animals.  I have always loved animals of every sort and taking a trip to the zoo was an extra special treat for me as a child.
This Pink Starfish pendant from Drunkenmimes reminds me of the aquariums where you could view all sorts of weird and wonderful sea life.  I was able to view creatures I would probably never see otherwise.
Pink Starfish Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace 
And then there was the polar bear exhibit, where you could watch the bears lounge and play on dry land, or, even more fun, watch through a large glass window as they swam through the water.  Sometimes the zoo staff would give them floating toys or chunks of ice with food frozen inside.  They were like kids in a pool and were an absolute delight to watch!  That's what this Polar Bear sculpture from Fantasy Clay  reminds me of- playful polar bears ;-)
Polymer Clay Polar Bear Sculpture 
The kangaroos and koalas were always so much fun to watch as well.  I was amazed at how those tiny little joeys spent so much time in their mother's pouch, and how big they ended up getting.  Watching mother and baby grazing at the same time (while baby was still in the pouch) was such a comical sight.  And I love the way the baby koalas clung to their mother's back.  It was like they were stuck there with velcro- LOL.  That's what this adorable Ode to Australia bracelet from Fyrestorm Creations reminds me of.
Child Bracelet ODE to AUSTRALIA available in adult size 
And then there are the pandas, who always look so cute in their black and white pajamas.  They seem like such peaceful creatures as they sit there munching on bamboo.  This pair of pandas from Grumpy Grandmas Gift Shop have a bit of extra color and design added, making them even more appealing!
Housewares,Home Decor, Polymer Clay Pandas,Handmade, Mother  Baby Panda 
To see more great zoo themed posts featuring the Smooshers visit,,, and Thanks for visiting our little polymer clay zoo!