Friday, March 2, 2012

Smooshers Blog Roll- It's a Zoo Out There!

The Smooshers have been doing the Blog Roll for some time now and I've decided to change it up a bit so the members who write blog posts get more exposure.  The way the Blog Roll works is that Art Asylum comes up with a new theme every week and the members that choose to participate write a post on their personal blogs relating to that theme and feature the work of other guild members in their post.  Normally I would write my post on my own blog, but I think I'm going to start writing it on Smooshers blog and include links to the posts that the other members write.  This should help get more exposure for the items featured and the member's blogs.
That being said, this week's theme is It's a Zoo Out There!  Of course when I think of zoos I think of animals.  I have always loved animals of every sort and taking a trip to the zoo was an extra special treat for me as a child.
This Pink Starfish pendant from Drunkenmimes reminds me of the aquariums where you could view all sorts of weird and wonderful sea life.  I was able to view creatures I would probably never see otherwise.
Pink Starfish Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace 
And then there was the polar bear exhibit, where you could watch the bears lounge and play on dry land, or, even more fun, watch through a large glass window as they swam through the water.  Sometimes the zoo staff would give them floating toys or chunks of ice with food frozen inside.  They were like kids in a pool and were an absolute delight to watch!  That's what this Polar Bear sculpture from Fantasy Clay  reminds me of- playful polar bears ;-)
Polymer Clay Polar Bear Sculpture 
The kangaroos and koalas were always so much fun to watch as well.  I was amazed at how those tiny little joeys spent so much time in their mother's pouch, and how big they ended up getting.  Watching mother and baby grazing at the same time (while baby was still in the pouch) was such a comical sight.  And I love the way the baby koalas clung to their mother's back.  It was like they were stuck there with velcro- LOL.  That's what this adorable Ode to Australia bracelet from Fyrestorm Creations reminds me of.
Child Bracelet ODE to AUSTRALIA available in adult size 
And then there are the pandas, who always look so cute in their black and white pajamas.  They seem like such peaceful creatures as they sit there munching on bamboo.  This pair of pandas from Grumpy Grandmas Gift Shop have a bit of extra color and design added, making them even more appealing!
Housewares,Home Decor, Polymer Clay Pandas,Handmade, Mother  Baby Panda 
To see more great zoo themed posts featuring the Smooshers visit,,, and Thanks for visiting our little polymer clay zoo!

3 Smooshing Thoughts:

EcclecticLadyLand said...

A diverse collection of animal sculptures! Thank you for including my starfish =)

Fyrestorm Creations said...

Great post and sculptures. Thanks for featuring my Bracelet.

Creative Critters said...

You're both very welcome! The hardest thing was choosing which items to feature out of all the great polymer clay animals everyone had ;-)
-Michelle of CreativeCritters