Thursday, March 8, 2012

More wonderful entries on the Smoosher's Celtic Challenge

Today I'll be sharing more of the wonderful entries in the Polymer Clay Smoosher's guild's Celtic Challenge.  Many members really stretched their creativity to come up with these pieces, and each one is unique.  All of these items were created specifically for this challenge, and each piece is available for sale in the artist's shop.  Click on the picture to be directed to the listing, and while you're there take a little time to check out the entire shop.  You're sure to find all sorts of wonderful handmade items while you're there!
GEMS PC Creations sculpted this lovely Celtic Stamped Polymer Clay Necklace for the challenge.
The description reads: This polymer clay necklace was done using a couple of techniques: stamping on clay with a Celtic design texture sheet and application of a kaleidoscope cane (created by Evelyn Bakos). It was strung with brass chain, brass connectors and jump rings. It comes with a brass magnetic closure. This necklace measures approximately 16" long.
ArtMakers Worlds created this magical Moss Green Fern Covered Fairy as an entry.
 Moss green fern covered fairy door 
The description reads: A wee moss color rustic fairy door draped in hanging fern leaves and featuring a faux green opal door window and matching wall charms.
The door handle is made of an old weathered willow branch. And some tall tropical grasses border each side of the door.
I gave the gems a coat of gloss to really help make them look precious.
(everything is made with polymer clay of course.)
So what is a fairy door?
It's an adorable miniature door which you can place anywhere inside your home or out in the garden. By placing a fairy door you will invite mystical Fairies, (including the tooth fairy,) Pixies, Gnomes and all other magical wee folk an inviting entrance to your home for good luck.
Each door is a one of a kind original. OOAK
This Celtic Green Man pendant from CreativeCritters celebrates Celtic mythology as well as Spring.
 Handmade Celtic Green Man Polymer Clay pendant 
The description reads: The Green Man of Celtic mythology is interpreted as a symbol of rebirth and represents the cycle of growth each Spring. This Green Man pendant was sculpted by hand from green Premo polymer clay. Textured leaves cover his face, which was sculpted on to a piece of clay in shades of brown made to resemble tree bark. Before baking I applied a mix of green, gold, and blue green Pearl Ex powders for a lovely and unique iridescent shimmer. I painted the Green Man's eyes with acrylic paint and sealed the pendant with high gloss varnish. I inserted a twisted green wire into the clay before baking and added liquid polymer clay to guarantee that the wire won't pull out. This pendant measures 2 inches tall and 2 inches wide.
Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see the last of the entries for the Smoosher's Celtic challenge, and don't forget to vote on the the theme for our next challenge!  The poll can be found on the upper right side of our blog.  Thanks for stopping by!

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