Sunday, March 18, 2012

Smooshers Blog Roll- Signs of Spring

The topic for this week's Blog Roll is Signs of Spring, which is very appropriate!  Many of us have had a warmer than usual winter and Spring is appearing even earlier than normal.  In my own yard flowers like daffodils, hyacinths, and even tulips are poking through the soil about a month earlier than normal.  The trees are getting buds already and the birds have started pairing off.  You can find plenty of signs of Spring within the shops of the Smooshers guild members as well.
This beautiful red rose pendant from Amazing Designs reminds me of Gramma's rose bushes, which are getting their leaves already.  Roses are always beautiful, and can be much tougher plants than one might think, in spite of their delicate appearance.  Gramma's rose bushes have survived and bloomed for 50 years, sometimes in very difficult conditions.
A Single Red Rose Pendant 
I've even seen a few bees out already.  Some people are scared of bees, but these wonderful insects are always welcome in my garden.  Not only do they help pollinate my flowers and vegetables, but many varieties hunt the bad bugs that would harm my garden.  This Bee and Honeycomb pendant with Spring Flowers from Artmakers Worlds is a wonderful representation of Spring!
Bee and honeycomb pendant with spring flowers 
This brooch from AverilPam reminds me of the trees and plants that still have some of Fall's dried brown leaves attached while Spring's bright green new leaves are growing alongside them.  It makes for a beautiful contrast!
Polymer Clay Brooch Brown and Green Leaves on a Vine 
This pretty flower cane from Blue Morning Expressions makes me think of the tiny blue and purple violets that have started popping up in the yard.  I love these tough little flowers that brighten up the lawn!Raw Polymer Clay Flower Cane
This flower pendant from Christina Kosinki Designs reminds me of my own flower gardens, with their mix of many different types of colorful flowers.  I'm fond of variety in my artwork, as well as in my gardens ;-)
Necklace Polymer Clay Flowers on Disc Satin Cord  Hand sculpted retro 
And these are just a few of the signs of Spring showing up in the shop of the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild members!  For a closer look at any of these items, just click on the picture.  And while you're there, be sure to browse the entire shop and see what other signs of Spring you can discover!
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Thanks for sharing a taste of Spring with the Smooshers!

4 Smooshing Thoughts:

Julie L. Cleveland said...

Wonderful write-up Michele, spring is definitely in the air. Thank you for including my raw polymer clay purple flower cane with these other pretty flowers. I also appreciate a link to my blog post on the signs of spring. Happy spring all! Julie and Blu

Pam Southernwood said...

Lovely feature, thanks for including my brooch :)

Marlene Cupo said...

Your post certainly puts a "spring in anyone's step", and all the items you featured are fantastic.

Christina said...

Thankis so much for adding my retro flower pendant to your blog! So many great spring products!