Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Challenge

Last month you challenged us to create something "Spring". The following are what we have come up with. Just click on the title to see larger image or more images.
Please vote in the poll on the side column for what you would like to challenge us to make next month. The poll will close at 3pm Pacific Time Sunday, March 7th.

Chocolate Bunny Necklace by SiblingStew

Spring Splendor Bracelet by Gingerbells

Wall of Ivy by EmilyClaireCreations

Purple Spring Flower magnet by HaffinaCreations

Hand Painted Pink Flowers by ValeriesStuff

Three Yellow Flowers by ValeriesStuff

Flower Fridge Magnet by SassyClayCreations

Springtime Magnet by SassyClayCreations

Orange Pendant by yolidesignz

Spring Heart Pendant by yolidesignz

Green Spring Fairy Surrounded by Animals by CreativeCritters

Juniper Pixie by ColtPixy

Lilly of the Valley by EmilyClaireCreations

Butterfly Kaleidoscope by Butterscotch_Grove

Spring Violets Egg Rattle by intothedawn

Pink Spring Bud by intothedawn

8 Smooshing Thoughts:

Wire RunsThrough It said...

Wow! Everything is so nice! Great pieces all!

Dori said...

Wow. There are a lot of lovely pieces here. Everyone did a great job.

Ginger said...

awesome projects you guys...

coltpixy said...

They are wonderful! I love seeing all of the different things everyone comes up with from a single theme.
The variety is awesome!

Michelle said...

WOW! These are all so amazing! That chocolate bunny looks just like the real thing :-D

FantasyClay said...

Wow they are all great

Niki said...

Great job everyone!

Cat said...

Amazing and beautiful pieces!