Monday, January 9, 2012

The theme for the next Smooshers Challenge is Valentines

Well, it's a brand new year and I thought now would be a good time to schedule the first Smoosher's Challenge of 2012.  We all took a break from the Challenges during the holidays, since most of us were simply too busy to participate.  From the very beginning our original guild master, ColtPixy, stopped scheduling Challenges in the Fall, and resumed again after the holidays. 
This is my first Challenge as the new guild master and I chose Valentines as the theme.  Many of us will be making Valentines items in preparation for Valentines Day anyway, and hopefully the Challenge will bring added attention to all those pieces. 
The rules of the Challenge are as follows:
  1. You must be a member of the Polymer Clay Smooshsers guild on ArtFire in order to enter
  2. You may enter up to two items
  3. Your entries must incorporate polymer and be relevant to the theme
  4. You have to have these items listed in your shop
You need to leave a link to your item in this forum thread 
The deadline for entries is February 1st.

I'm very excited about his Challenge and have already started working on my first entry.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see some of our members had already completed at least one item for the Challenge.  One of the things I love about these Challenges is that they bring out the creativity in all of us, often pushing us to try new things and test our skills in new ways. It's always interesting to see other people's interpretation of the theme. You can be sure to see plenty of unique, beautiful , and often whimsical pieces from our members!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters
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