Friday, February 3, 2012

Featured Member Kneaded Things

Smooshers member Bonnie, of Kneaded Things creates a wide variety of colorful and unique items in polymer clay.  Bonnie has always been a creative and crafty person and is intrigued with taking something old and turning it into something new and interesting.  Once she discovered polymer clay it didn't take her long to fall in love with the medium.  Bonnie says "Taking a plain solid color of clay and mixing new shades and tones, making intricate patterns, combining, texturing, the possibilities are endless.. the learning of new techniques fascinating! I look forward each day to discovering and creating something new. If I am not actually in my studio creating I am seeing the possibilities every where I go. Everywhere I turn, everything I see comes with the question of I wonder if I can (filling in the blank)? Followed by hurrying to my studio to try it out."
Just look at some of the wonderful things she's created in clay!
Pink And Mauve Polymer Clay Compact  Mirror 
This beautiful compact was created as an entry for the Smooshers Valentines Challenge.  This would certainly make a special gift!
And then there's her dragons, which each have their own character and personality.
She makes very pretty jewelry as well, like this colorful bracelet and earring set.
Hand sculpted Pink and Yellow  Spring Flowers  Cuff and Earring Set 
And this salt and pepper shaker set covered in flowers would brighten up any meal!
Handmade Spring Flower Salt and Pepper Shakers  
And this is only a small sample of the wonderful creations you'll find at Kneaded Things!  You can also find Bonnie on Facebook, and be sure to follow her blog to keep up her latest creations.

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luvncrafts said...

Beautiful work! I love that compact!