Thursday, March 25, 2010

Favorite Tool: Extruder

This post is written by 2GoodClaymates

My favorite tool is definitely the extruder.

I use it for creating canes like the one used to cover this mirror compact and pen.

I also love to create filigree patterns like the ones in the cross pendants shown. Different colored clay is extruded in tiny strands and then arranged into a pattern.

My favorite use for the extruder is finishing off my pieces with a filigree design used on the pen and mirror compact shown above as well as these bangles which is actually hiding the seam.

I have a few tips to share on making better use with your extruder. Before inserting the log of clay into the chamber, give it a squirt with a bit of Armour All and rub it all over. After extruding your clay, the remainder will come out easily leaving the extruder chamber fairly clean.

I also like to store my extruder discs with some "cheat sheets" and clay samples. I picked up this tip from Angela at Craft Goat.

Lay out your discs on the scanner, scan them in and then print them out, or print out the sheet she has provided.

Condition some scrap clay and extrude small samples from each disc and bake them.

You can glue the clay samples onto your cheat sheet or store them with your discs like I've done:

I placed each cut out sample from the cheat sheet, the matching extruder disc and the baked clay pieces into small bags. I then numbered each bag and punched a hole at the top.

The bags all fit on a shower hook which I hang above my clay table. Whenever I use my extruder, I have my clay sample that helps me easily decide on which size I need. I then have my print out so I know where the disc belongs after I’m through with it for storage.


11 Smooshing Thoughts:

Dori T said...

Thanks for sharing your idea for examples. That would definitely make things easier. I love my clay extruder.

Cara Jane (surfingcat) said...

Great idea for organising your extruder discs.

Does anyone have any of the extra disc sets? Find them useful? I keep looking at them but not sure I would use them.

slkunze said...

I use several discs in set A frequently, and the large square in that set a whole lot.

DLSarmywife said...

I use my extruder quite a bit as well...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of making samples and keeping each disk in it's own bag! I think I am going to do this for sure!!!

Unknown said...

Love your sample = disc tip.

2 Good Claymates said...

Surfingcat -- I just picked up the extra set of dies the other day -- Michael's had them on clearance. I haven't tried them yet but will experiment with them soon.

Designs by Jenean said...

This is so timely, I just bought an extruder. Making samples will be very helpful.

BrendaLea, the Prpldy said...

What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing!


Elizabeth said...

Amazing idea and beautiful work. I don't use my extruder nearly enough and when I do I'm reminded how much I love the tool. Definitely going to use your idea.
Thanks again

Cadisch said...

Great work, this is brilliant.

Beetique said...

Your photos are not working for me.