Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today is Thanksgiving here in the United States. Many people have a tradition to state what they are thankful for.

I am personally thankful to be part of the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild. We have so many talented and wonderful people from all over the world. It has been an honor getting to know them all.

5 Smooshing Thoughts:

Teresa Kintner Gunderson said...

I am grateful for you, for the hard work you put in for us, for your friendship in general. You are kind, caring, funny and just all-around great!

I am also very thankful for the other talented Smooshers. Getting to see everyone's gorgeous work is very inspiring!!

Dori said...

I am thankful for all the wonderful people I meet at Smooshers, for all the talent I get to see, for all the friends I get to make.

I am very thankful for Coltpixy. Without her this group would just be another name on the list. She puts in a tremendous amount of work and love into everything she does.

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

EmilyClaireCreations said...

Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful to be included in such a great and talented group of people. I love my fellow smooshers!! (((HUGS)))

intothedawn said...

I am thankful for all the wonderful and creative people I've met thru the Smooshers guild. Thank you all for sharing, inspiring & teaching me-- and for being such excellent friends! And a special thanks to ColtPixy, who brought us all together and works so hard to keep us motivated and keep our creations promoted.

Happy Thanksgiving, Smooshers!

Creative Critters said...

I'm very thankful to be a part of the Smooshers, and especially grateful to Star for all the hard work she puts into the guild. I'm thankful for all the inspiration I get from the rest of the Smooshers and all the wonderful people I've met on this guild. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
-Michelle of CreativeCritters