Thursday, May 6, 2010

Favorite Tool: Hands

By HaffinaCreations and BeadsByHaffina

My favourite tools are my fingers and hands. I can use them to roll a snake, or roll clay into a ball, then flatten the ball into a rondelle. Or shape the ball into a square, or a rectangle or a triangle or a cone. I can take a round ball and flatten it against my work surface with palm of my hand to make a domed cabochon, and then smooth it over with my fingers to remove any 'wrinkles'.

I can blend clay together, pull it apart, bend it, fold it..anything. And my hands use the other tools that help me out, like the pasta machine and tissue blade.My fingers are also useful for rubbing mica powders into clay, and for smearing a thin layer of Liquid clay on a piece so I can cure it with my heat gun.
If I had no other tools, I could do pretty much everything I want to do with my fingers and hands (except put holes in beads LOL).

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