Friday, September 3, 2010

Medieval Challenge

You challenged us to create something with the theme Medieval. Here are our entries. Click on the usernames to see larger photos and more images.

Please vote in the poll on the left column to let us know which theme you would like to see us create next. Poll ends at 2 PM Google time on Sunday, September 5th.

Joan of Arc by CatsWire
Green Dragon
The Sword In the Stone by ColtPixy
Fred The Dancing Ice Dragon by cnewcomb

Dragon with Rider by CreativeCritters
Lion Head by EmilyClaireCreations
Medieval style beast by Tamed
Empress and Magician by intothedawn

Medieval Style by HaffinaCreations
Medieval Cross by PositivelyCharmingThings
tower with princess by CatsWire
Sea Monster by ColtPixy

Dragon by cnewcomb
Shield by CreativeCritters
Chunky Ring by HaffinaCreations
Medieval Cross by PositivelyCharmingThings

6 Smooshing Thoughts:

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Wow Wow Wow...smooches for the smooshers!

Dori said...

Awesome work by all the smooshers.

Michelle of CreativeCritters said...

Definitely WOW! I knew this challenge would result in some really incredible pieces, and I wasn't disappointed! I swear everyone creates more awesome pieces with each challenge- there's just no end to the talent of the Smooshers! :D
-Michelle of CreativeCritters

Cat said...

This was so fun!
Great to see what everyone made out of the subject!
My favorite hands down - the sea monster.

Ambient Lights said...

Love it! Can't wait to see the smooshers next themed challenge :)

Nydia said...

Wow, everythin g on the same level of beauty and grace! Love everything medieval so this is perfect! And Dawn Marie did it again! :o)