Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Favorite Tool: Tweezers

Oddly enough, my two favorite tools are an ice pick and tweezers. I use the ice pick to push the clay down into small, tight corners, create texture, etc. The tweezers are essential for all of the small bead inlays that I do. In the end though, my fingers are my ultimate favorite tool.

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3 Smooshing Thoughts:

Desert Rubble said...

lol we couldn't do much without our fingers could we?! I'm really just realizing how awesome my own tweezers are, they're beginning to come in very handy.

coltpixy said...

I'm working on a project right now that has micro marbles in it. My favorite tool on that project is very fine point tweezers.

Cat said...

I haven't used tweezers so far, but IF I can find mine, I guess I should give them a try!