Wednesday, February 16, 2011

phoenixartstudio's Inspiration

To ask me why I create would be like asking me why I breathe. It's something that I have always done and something that I always will do. I see all of this beauty in the world and feel a need to put what my eyes are seeing or what my mind is imagining into a tactile form that others will be now be able to see and appreciate.


3 Smooshing Thoughts:

Mm BisuterĂ­a said...

ummmm fantasticos, muy bonitos


Those are beautiful. I want to know where to get those earring pieces that you attached your polymer clay pieces to. Those are awesome.
Beautiful work.

Rebecca said...

oops!! I've been so out of the internet loop the past month that I never even saw this post!! I get my earring posts from a lot of different places. Often I discover them either online or at jewelry/gem shows.