Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Started quite by accident. Bought a dremel power tool mostly to help my then young son with his boy scout pine box derby car.
Decided to just see if I could make a twisted shape in a stick and WOW! Oh yea.
This is my first, and therefore not for sale. (I can never make a first again.)

posted image

I do have a whole page of them on my site. Including a bit about how I pick the wood (all found.) Walking sticks page

(Note, a few sticks I actually added polymer clay trim. One called "Spirit faces" which was sold some time ago.
Another, the Amazon, Blue and Gold Macaw staff has some polymer clay faux turquoise inlaid stones on it. Also sold.
Those are the only ones with any clay. All the rest have nothing to do with clay.

The snowy owl one is the first one I ever added beadwork too. (OMG I forgot how tedious beadwork is!)

posted image

3 Smooshing Thoughts:

coltpixy said...

Very talented!

Desert Rubble said...

Love how you're combining your walking stick s with your polymer clay work, that is so awesome!

Cat said...

That is gorgeous, love the snake on the stick!