Thursday, June 2, 2011


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A long time ago I knitted a lot, mostly sweaters. I never liked crocheting much which might come from some traumatic incidents in elementary school ;-)
Then I stumbled upon a wire crochet piece on the internet. I came back to it again and again, for a few days, then I decided to order a book. I didn't bother to read the instructions except for the explanation about wire gauges, looked at the pictures, remembered my crocheting skills from elementary school and went off to buy some wire. I dug up my one and only crochet hook and went to work. After that I never stopped. I'm an addict.
What I like about crocheting wire is that I can combine it with other materials and techniques, like polymer clay.
Just recently I started with needle lace.

This piece combines both. The lampwork beads are in a needle lace net as focal for the wire crochet rope.

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2 Smooshing Thoughts:

Bewitching Dreams said...

Absolutely amazing! I love your work!

Desert Rubble said...

I'd say you really found your niche, your crochet wire work is amazing!