Saturday, September 3, 2011

Final Challenge for 2011 - Autumn

For the month of August the Polymer Clay Smooshers were handed the challenge of creating Autumn inspired pieces for the last monthly challenge of the year. Check out the wonderful results.

Amazing pieces from everyone.

Please remember to vote for our next theme, which will feature on our blog in the new year.

Stay tuned for October when the Polymer Clay Smooshers blog will be taken over by this year's Masquerade Ball!

5 Smooshing Thoughts:

Bewitching Dreams said...

Wow, such beautiful creations! I am so sad I was not able to get mine done in time, but loving everyone's work!

Em+Mad said...

Amazing!! Such beautiful creations! The Smooshers are all so talented :D

Debbi Andersen said...

WOW!! such talent!!!

Valldawn said...

Love all the fall creations, They are all so beautiful & creative!

ArtFairly Aware said...

Wow. I love these rich, warm colors. No wonder Autumn is my favorite season. Just beautiful!