Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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I was going to wait until I had my craft room cleaned up, but since that's such a rare occurrence I just took pics of the "real" craft room ;-) I consider myself very lucky to have an entire room dedicated to my crafts. This is a spare bedroom and gets lots of light all day long.

This is where I do all of my clay sculpting. Just about everything I need is within easy reach. I have plastic boxes filled with all sorts of molds, two lazy Susans full of sculpting tools, texture plates, an organizer with all my clay cutters, a metal box full of stamps, and of course my pasta machine is clamped to the table. This was an old computer table I got for next to nothing at a garage sale.

There's a little printer stand on wheels that pulls out of the desk, and that's where I store all my jewelry tools. I used zip ties to attach a metal rack to the top and the handles fit quite nicely. On the shelf above that is a box with all my acrylic paints, which I use quite frequently on sculptures. You can see one of the lazy Susans loaded with tools and paintbrushes. Next to that are some of Lisa Pavelka's foils, which add incredible color and shimmer to unbaked clay. I used these on a few projects so far. I cut off the top of a large cereal box and store all my texture plates in there.

This plastic dresser sits next to my clay table. On top I have a few of my larger molds, my sewing thread, and a plastic box where I store my clay. I make sure to put any opened clay in plastic bags. Sometimes certain types of plastic can react with the clay, so the bag keeps everything safe (and clean). The drawers of the dresser have some of my fur fabric and plush animal fabric in them, along with with all my trim. I often cover the bottom of my sculptures with fabric, so it's handy to have everything in one spot. Sometimes I'll use fabric trim on my pieces, and some of the fur fabric can make really cool hair.

This rack, which I got free from from a relative, is mounted next to the dresser and holds my Gallery Glass, Pearl Ex powders, fabric paint, embossing powder, and glass containers. I've used Gallery Glass with polymer clay with some very nice results, and I adore the shimmer of Pearl Ex on clay. The glass containers can all potentially be covered in clay to make vases, candle holders, and other things.I keep a lot of glass of the landfills like this!

And this is where I have all my craft books and magazines, as well as pictures I cut out of magazines for inspiration. I have books on human and animal anatomy, clay sculpting, jewelry making, fantasy artwork, knitting, sewing, dollmaking, stuffed animal making, and much more. I'm self taught, so books have played an important role in furthering my skills. When it comes to polymer clay, some of my favorite authors include, Christi Friesen, Maureen Carlson, Lisa Pavelka, Katherine Dewey, and Boris and Dinko Tilov. They're all amazing artists and wonderful teachers.

This dresser (which Gramma gave me) is filled with beads, findings, wire, candy molds, buttons, and all sorts of things I might have a use for someday. When Gramma gave me the dresser she left all her vintage beads in it as well. I store my sewing patterns in the bottom drawer. I have a fluorescent light hanging over the dresser, and I use the top to photograph my items for sale. I use different colors of scrapbook paper as backgrounds for my smaller pieces and large pieces of fabric for the larger items.
And here's a picture of the work space in use ;-)

Thanks for taking the grand tour of my craft room!

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