Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Faux creations in polymer clay

One of the most wonderful things about polymer clay is it's ability to mimic a wide variety of other materials.  You can create faux gemstones, faux wood, faux ivory, and just about any other faux item you can imagine.  Today I'll be featuring some faux creations in polymer clay made by members of the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild on ArtFire.
I love this nature inspired faux bone pendant from Christina Kosinski Designs.  The pendant was hand formed in a faux bone polymer clay and has many leaves and flowers surrounding a face in the style of the leaf man or tree man.
 Leafman Style Polymer Clay Pendant Faux Bone Large Art Piece 
This faux wood pendant from Creative Sisters mimics more than one type of wood in the same pendant for a striking look.
Necklace with Faux Wood Pendant made out of polymer clay 
These hand carved faux stone petroglyph earrings are part of Cynthia Blanton's Primitives collection.  They feature hand-carved polymer clay faux stone panels with images that look like ancient petroglyphs or cave drawings.
 Hand Carved Polymer Clay Faux Stone Petroglyph Earrings 
This puzzle piece pendant from Desert Rubble was made to resemble old metal scrap hardware.  The faux metal finish comes from metallic highlights which were antiqued  to make them look old and rustic.
 Post Apocalyptic Jewelry Puzzle Piece Faux Metal Scrap Hardware 
This clock from Dreamweavers Designs was made with two polymer clay faux techniques.  The brown background and center piece are faux leather and the center plaque is faux turquoise.
 Faux leather and turquoise polymer clay clock 
In just this short post we've seen polymer clay imitate leather, turquoise, metal, stone, wood, and bone!  There really are no limits to the things you can create, and re-create with polymer clay!

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