Friday, August 31, 2012

Halloween Treats from the Smooshers

Some may think it's a little early to be talking about Halloween, but it's really not that far off!  And since Halloween is the topic of the Blog Roll this week I thought this would be a great time to showcase some of the fun Halloween items the members of the Polymer Clay Smooshers guild have listed in their shops.  Personally, I love Halloween and all things related to the holiday: black cats, witches, magic, skeletons (preferably glow in the dark), bats, and all those other spooky things ;-) When I was a kid I loved dressing up and going out trick or treating with my brothers.  And I've had several black cats who all seemed to have a little extra magic, especially on Halloween.  As an artist I love sculpting all sorts of Halloween themed pieces.  This time of year seems to really fire up my creative energies (I think it's all the magic in the air)!  And looking through the shops of my fellow Smooshers, I can see I'm not the only one inspired by Halloween!
Here's a Winged Skull Cuff Bracelet from Mortimer Inc- wicked cool!
Winged Skull Bracelet Cuff 
And this Witchy Mouse with BOO Banner from Quernus Crafts is absolutely adorable!

Witchy Mouse with Boo Halloween Banner White 
And of course pumpkins are always a part of Halloween.  Which is where these Pumpkin Stack earrings from Wyvern Designs come in!
Pumpkin Stack Earrings Hand Made in USA 
And this mummy from Fantasy Clay is so much fun!
Halloween Mummy Costume- Polymer Clay Figure   
And finally we have this Vintage Halloween Cat pendant from Gems PC Creations .

Vintage Halloween Cat Pendant 
To see more Halloween creations from the Smooshers check out  Thanks for taking the time to check out these Halloween treats from the Smooshers! :-)


1 Smooshing Thoughts:

Quernus Crafts said...

Fab choices here! Can't believe that Halloween is just around the corner ;) Thanks for inviting my wee mouse out for Trick or Treat :)