Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Book review: 400 Polymer Clay Designs

This review is written by Cindi of ClayItAgain.artfire.com

The book review this time is 400 Polymer Clay Designs. And simply put it is 348 pages of pure inspiration!

There are no instructions to any of the finished projects in this book, but who needs them? This book is total eye candy and will break through even the toughest of creative blocks. Each page features a different piece with a brief description of the item, size, and artist.
I don't think there is any type of project not covered in this book - Vessels of every size and kind, jewelry, purses, sculptures, masks, trinket boxes, earrings, clocks, pendants, bracelets, tables, wall decor, book covers, vases, and OMG! I think I just saw one of our guild members featured in this book! Yes it is!! Polymer Clay Smooshers very own Laura Timmens has been featured not only once, but SEVEN times! Oh how exciting-we have a celebrity in our midst.

175 polymer clay artists are featured in this book, and an index of authors and their contributions is at the end of the book.
I give this book 6 stars out of 5 simply because if you choose to add it to your library it will be a lifetime of inspiration.

Until next time...Happy Claying everyone!


2 Smooshing Thoughts:

2BeadOrNot2Bead said...

Thanks, Cindi, for reviewing this book! It catches my eye every time I look for PC books on amazon.com, but without knowing what was in it, it remained one of those "I'll have to think about it some more" books. Now I know I want it.


Creative Critters said...

One can never have enough inspiration around! ;-)