Monday, September 7, 2009

Introducing ValeriesStuff


What got you interested in polymer clay as a medium?
I first looked into polymer clay as a medium because of the wonderful colors, the no kiln curing and its endless possibilities. And what's more, it is fun!
To me, polymer clay combines the best of working with clay and acrylic paints (the vivid colors).

What inspires you to create?
I find inspiration anywhere and every where. Some examples would be nature, music, colors, or photos.

Do you have a favorite technique?
I have three favorite techniques. The first is a slight variation on the Skinner blend, the tricolor mica shift. Although this takes longer than some techniques, I think the mica spark is worth it.
The second process is applying alcohol ink to the cured clay. I have hand painted several color block pendants and abstracts as well as trees and flowers.
My last favorite (I don't think you could call it a technique) is what I call my "Playdoh flashback". This happens when I sit down, surround myself with my clays, and start smooshing!

Of everything you have created which is your favorite?
(She has two)

What do you prefer to make out of polymer clay and why?
At one time, about all I made where tricolor mica shift cuff bracelets. I enjoyed the whole process of creating them and loved the end result. Also, no one could guess the bracelet was made of polymer clay! This is an unique medium!
Now, I am on a pendant/necklace binge! These pieces do not require a lot of clay and each one is one of a kind.

How do you decide what to make?
Sometimes I have a picture in head of what I want to create. Other times, I let the clay or alcohol ink lead me. My most recent efforts have been to make clay abstracts.

Is there something you wish you could make in clay that you have not yet?
An embarrassing confession here: I can not make a decent cane or bead! They always end up slightly tilted. Someday, I would like to make a perfect cane!

What makes polymer clay a better fit for your products than other mediums?
Polymer clay satisfies my desire to create three dimensionally and gives me great colors. I am just starting to discover this clay's potential. On the practical side, this is a relatively
inexpensive medium, with no special equipment required.

What is your best advice for someone starting out in polymer clay?
Experiment! Play! Have fun!


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Anonymous said...

You do excellent things with color, The purple and yellow in the cuff make me tingle.