Thursday, April 15, 2010

Favorite Tool: Scale Calculator

by ColtPixy

I am currently focusing on miniatures and making them to scale is very important to me.

finished basket

Because of this I would have to say that along with rulers and my digital caliper my favorite tool is a Hobby Calculator at Jim's Dollhouse Pages.
If you follow the directions at the bottom of his page you can even use it when not online.

It is easy to use, converts to many different scales and has been very useful to me.


3 Smooshing Thoughts:

Cat said...

Thanks for sharing!

The baskets are too cute.

2 Good Claymates said...

How cool -- had no idea there was such a thing as a hobby calculator. That picnic basket is absolutely perfect -- and right to scale!

Tina Holden said...

Thanks for sharing this. Years ago I made miniatures for my daughters Barbie Dolls and Barbie was the scale approximator. Those Baskets are great!