Thursday, April 22, 2010

Favorite Tool: Spatula


The two tools I use most often for sculpting are what I've dubbed my spatula. It came in a pack of three double ended plastic tools.


I use it for blending and smoothing body parts and appliques. The length is good for large areas and the tip for smaller spaces. I even use it for smoothing eye lids. I also use it to shape certain ears by moulding the clay around the end of it and I also use it to create definition in muscle bone structure etc. I find it useful because it's hard unlike a lot of the pricey rubber tipped tools, but not pointy like a knitting needle (often recommended for smoothing)




My other tool that I can't be without is actually an embossing tool. I know nothing about embossing, so I can't tell you what it's supposed to be used for but it has two little metal balls on each end and it is perfect for making eye holes, and making paw pads with. I also use it for defining facial features.



2 Smooshing Thoughts:

Cat said...

Not only the text was really interesting, but also the pictures. Thanks!

Deronda said...

Very cool, but now I want to see the finished piece...I am just a curious soul.