Monday, December 27, 2010

Ask A Smoosher: favorite clays

Boo asks, What clays are your favorites and why?

My favorite clays are Femo, Premo and Sculpey III. They are the stiffest and withstand the torture of reducing while still keeping the design intact. I also like the original Sculpey to sculpt with, it's the easiest to work with when you have Arthritis in your hands.

My favourite clay for sculpting miniatures is Puppen/doll Fimo. It is strong, but flexible and holds it shape nicely, plus the light colour makes it easier to see small details.

*For my mica shift I use Premo because it was my first favorite clay and it shifts so well.
*For miniatures and other things I either use Premo, Fimo or Kato. They are all very strong clays. Which one (or combination) I use depends on what color I am trying to achieve.
*For my dolls and such I use a combination of ProSculpt (or Living Doll) and Bozzi. While each are very strong, flexible clays on their own I find the combination gives me the best of the positives from each: firmness, memory retention and color.

I use primarily premo because of the artist's palate. Sometimes I would use kato because kato has a higher baking temperature but it will cure at premo's regular temperature. It is kind of a line of defense against burning clay.

HaffinaCreations, BeadsByHaffina
I use Premo almost exclusively these days, although I still have a little Kato from earlier on. I love the texture and finish of Premo, and the colour 'trueness' of Kato. In terms of Liquid clays, Kato is my absolute favourite.. it clears to a glass like finish, which Translucent Liquid Sculpey does not.
I would really love to try out some of the other clays, specifically those designed for sculpting.

I'm still experimenting with different types. I am currently using mostly Premo though I also have some Fimo Classic and Cernit. I tried Sculpey III but find it a bit soft, as is Fimo soft. I really love the Cernit nature range, it makes lovely stone effect.
I also tried Kato but it was so hard it really hurt my hands just softening it enough to get it into the pasta machine! Some of it was so hard it just crumbled to bits - maybe it was old, I don't know.

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