Thursday, July 21, 2011

intothedawn's other interests

Before polymer clay took over my world, I loved to do thread crochet. I never did much with yarn, I was a "threadie" all the way, I loved making doilies, especially with floral designs.

Floral Egg Doily

I also made dozens of Victorian x-mas tree ornaments for myself, family & friends:

Mauve Victorian teardrop ornament

If I ever did work with yarn, it was usually because I found an amigurumi pattern I just had to try:

Porcupine of Love

I still have lots of crochet projects I'd love to complete, but what can I say? Polymer clay has turned my head!

4 Smooshing Thoughts:

coltpixy said...

I had forgotten that you crocheted. I love doilies!

Cat said...

How wonderful! Don't say you have given it up completely??

ArtFairly Aware said...

One of these days I'm going to learn how to crochet!

Teresa Kintner Gunderson said...

I love the thread crochet, but the porcupine makes me giggle!!! I love amigurumi. :-) Gorgeous stuff!!