Saturday, July 16, 2011

valldawnsjewelrydesigns Studio

pictures of both my work area in my room & my large studio. Both are very messy right now because I'm trying to get ready 3 shows in July!! I have 2 areas to work in, one when my mom is having a rough day & I need to be close, & one when she is having a good day.





4 Smooshing Thoughts:

EmilyClaireCreations said...

I love it! It looks like my grrl cave!! <3 <3 <3

Lupe Meter said...

Love it! Glad I am not the only who ends up working in a tiny area because of all the stuff I bring to the table! lol

Bewitching Dreams said...

Looks like the perfect work space! Just like mine in the middle of a project. Better to be busy and messy, than bored and neat :D

MortimerInc said...

Thank you for sharing your studio. I'm so glad to discover that I am not the only Smoosher out there with a very cluttered work space. However, I'm not preparing for upcoming shows. I'm just organizationally challenged.