Saturday, August 20, 2011

ClayitAgain's WIP - Updated

Back in May ClayitAgain shared with us the very beginnings of one of her projects. Over the next few weeks we will continue the journey. Let's see where we are up to.

Last time I showed the hands and feet (not quite finished), the body armature, and the cactus armature. I'm still not sure what the dude will be doing but I got the cactus done. I mixed all my misc. greens, a little black and pearl to make a stripey green sheet

Posted Image
cactus colors by clayitagain, on Flickr

and used it to cover the cactus...
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cactus is covered by clayitagain, on Flickr
Then I etched grooves all over it so that I can antique it later

Someone asked how I was going to attach it to the base and here is what I use-brass rods that slide inside each other. A hole is drilled up the bottom of the middle of the cactus (since the center is only foil, and the rod with the larger diameter is inserted. Then a hole drilled on the plaque and the other rod seated. The rods slide together and hold in place.

Posted Image
cactus rod by clayitagain, on Flickr

:)Next up is the feet...complete with a small version of huarachi sandals

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Valldawn said...

This has been a facinating tutorial, really enjoy following it!