Monday, August 1, 2011

Haffina's Other Interests

by HaffinaCreations aka BeadsByHaffina aka HaffinasMinis

I do many other crafts aside from working with Polymer Clay.
Many years ago the main craft I did was cross stitch and knitting. Via this I was introduced to bead weaving, and later to jewellery making - which I guess would be my main craft currently. Although I use polymer clay pieces in a lot of my jewellery, I also use many other materials, including gemstones and metal. As part of my jewellery making I am also a Chainmailler (I'm the guildmaster of the ArtFire Chainmaille Guild), and frankly quite obsessed with linking rings together.

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I still bead weave quite a lot, enjoying the process and learning new techniques. I often combine techniques from different crafts into one piece, such as combining bead weaving with chainmaille, or combining polymer clay with bead weaving or chainmaille.

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In the last year or so I have become more and more interested in miniatures and this has lead to doll customisation. I love the process of taking a doll, such as a Barbie, and removing her clone-like appearance, then giving her a whole new look. I also find the process of rerooting a doll very theraputic... nothing quite like jabbing a needle repeatedly into a head LOL.

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One of my favourite creative pursuits is one that I don't really get a lot of time for anymore. I discovered Mandalas quite by accident (thanks to the internet) back in 2005. It is amazingly fulfilling and almost meditative creating these, and it is a something I am working towards using in my clay work.


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