Monday, August 8, 2011

The Story of A Most Forgiving Medium

by AmazingDesigns

Learn from Mistakes??? How about more that once!!! The life of these beads is a journey from one of my first projects, to several weeks ago. The finished product can be seen in My Artfire.

The Story of A Most Forgiving Medium: Polymer Clay

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One of my first attempts at stamped beads was (A) in a copper overlay on green PC. I made them in several different shapes as seen in the next pictures. HOWEVER, I was Not happy with how they turned out. I was hoping for something close to a Mokume Gane look, but as you can see, failed terribly. So, lets add some brown acrylic paint (B) to give them an antiqued look. Not much better! What else is in my drawer? How about some gold embossing powder (C) and rebake? Nope, not applied evenly enough!

So they got put away in the "maybe some day" box. Until, I found a lesson on using "PC putty", making a slurry out of colored polymer clay and Translucent Liquid Sculpey, which could then be applied to indentation on beads (D), and rebaked again. Then sand, sand, sand and buff. Hmmm, getting closer.

Picked the best one of the bunch (E) and wire wrapped it. As a finishing touch, add High Gloss Glaze (F) and voila, Ugly Duckling no more!

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Most of the others were made into a necklace and a pair of earrings, both of which have already sold!


4 Smooshing Thoughts:

T-Rose Leigh said...

Wow its experiments like this that create unique beauty and new innovations, thanks for your story

Marlene said...

Yes, so true, and Thanks. Hope my story will help someone else who has beads in their "someday" pile to give them a second chance.

Valldawn said...

I have several projects like that in a drawer, that I drag out from time to time & try new things,yours give me hope! The necklace turned out fabulously!

Marlene said...

Thanks and Never give up! Every bead needs a good home, LOL!