Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn Rain and The Polymer Clay Smooshers by ArtAsylum

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The recently closed Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild through ArtFire of which I was a member and loved - is now reopened - WOOOOO- HOOOOO!!! So to celebrate and honor us being a guild again I dedicate this blog post entitled: AUTUMN RAIN to all the talented artisans that are a part of that wonderful group!

When the weather turns to grey skys and the rain starts to come - the clouds start to swirl - and the autumn colors come alive in contrast to the steely blue/grey sky - I love the look and feel of the Autumn rains. You can see in these next 3 pictures not only the colors I am talking about but the talent these artisans have with polymer clay!!!

Look at the color - and the swirl -

The purple hues of an autumn stormy sky with fall color contrast -

These beautiful fall colors pop against the Autumn rain!
Look at the talent of these artisans - and look at the colors I have described - now picture - My Autumn Rain sky!!

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2 Smooshing Thoughts:

Dori said...

Very pretty!

Desert Wind Designs said...

Lovely post! I was so happy when the Smooshers re-opened!