Thursday, July 8, 2010

Favorite Tool: toothpicks

Some of my favorite tools are simple toothpicks and kebab skewers.

I can use them to texturize something, to pick up little pieces of clay and put them in the right spot, to make bead holes, to press down edges. They are cheap, re-usable and sometimes you can even use them in a project.
There is no clay play session without my toothpicks.


2 Smooshing Thoughts:

Tina Holden said...

Gosh, ya, toothpicks and the larger skewers must be one of my favorite tools also. Great for liquid poly clay drops and for resin application too.

intothedawn said...

Yes! I also use them when I make poly clay bails for necklaces-- slide a skewer or toothpick through the bail to help it keep its shape while baking.