Tuesday, August 31, 2010

favorite brand of clay


I use several brands of clay including Sculpy, Fimo, and Premo. For most of my sculptures I use Premo, or a mix of Primo and Fimo. Premo is strong, flexible, and fairly easy to condition. I like the vivid colors and the smooth texture of Premo. It blends well and holds details nicely. Sculpy often gets too soft during the sculpting process to hold fine details, and sometimes Fimo alone can be a bit crumbly, especially if it gets cold. As with all things in my life I like variety, so I use different brands of clay for different applications. My Miniature Lighted Boot House sculpture was sculpted using mostly Premo clay. For the base I coated heavy duty cardboard with tacky glue, then covered the base with a thick layer of Sculpey and Fimo clay mixed together. The Sculpey softened the Fimo enough so I could add nice texture, and the Fimo firmed up the Sculpey enough to hold the detail. The delicate pieces like the vines and flowers are pure Premo. The boot itself was sculpted from a mix of Premo, Fimo, and just a bit of Sculpey. Each brand of polymer clay has it's own qualities and uses, and I do plan on experimenting with new brands of clay as I discover them. Pardo clay is definitely on my list of clay I'd like to try.

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