Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Favorite Technique: Sculpting Scales

I don't know if this counts as a "technique" precisely, but I do have a certain "way" of making many of my dragons. I love the way multitudes of tiny scales look, so for many of my dragons I'll sculpt the body, then add tiny scales which I cut from thin sheets of clay using my tiny clay cutters. Usually I use the teardrop shape. After I have the body covered in scales I sculpt the arms and legs and add scales to those before attaching them to the body. For those with wings I often texture the wings or add embossing powder for a bit of variation and texture.

On a large sculpture like Scorch the Rockin Dragon I actually made double layer scales by cutting out teardrops in 2 sizes and 2 different colors. It's time consuming, but I just love the effect. It even works on small scale pieces like my Blue and Green Dragon necklace. I just think all those scales add a nice touch of detail and realism to my dragons, and the texture adds a nice touch as well.

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2 Smooshing Thoughts:

SusanA said...

I love that look- you and I must be thinking the same because I try to do the same on many of my dragons, adds to a cool touch

Cat said...

Great dragons!