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101 things to do with alcohol inks (OK maybe not that many)

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101 things to do with alcohol inks (OK maybe not that many)

Alcohol inks are so fun to use with polymer clays. They can be blended into clay, they can be added to liquid clay, they can be used for accent of baked pieces. Here are a few different things you can do. None of these techniques are my “inventions” and I will give credit and links where I can remember them.

1: Using pearl clay I lay stripes of piñata or Adirondack inks in lines. Once the inks are dry I then blend them into the clay. This gives you a lovely pearlescent skinner blend in pastel colors. With the clay you can now use many techniques to cover items or use as surface decorations.


2: Gwen Gibson does wonderful things with alcohol inks and shaving cream as seen in Polymer Café . Here is a picture of a few shaving cream beads I made using her technique.

3: You can use ink pads and stamps on a clay base and then layer translucent or Kato clear liquid clay. Donna Kato does wonderful things with foils and stamps as seen in this tutorial.

4: As seen in this issue in Polymer Café, using alcohol inks, alcohol and baked base beads, one can do amazing things with pitch black ink.

5: Inks are wonderful for making faux tie dye or batik. I learned this technique from Heather Campbell at the IPCG retreat in July 2009. She uses it a lot with her pieces. I don’t know if she is planning on publishing the method or not so I can’t really share how it is done.

hamsabatik ovalbatik

6: You can add ink to liquid clay and experiment like I did with the making of my meteor beads. (there will be a tutorial forth coming on these)


7: Inks and foils. YUM! You can use them on silver/copper/gold foils and then crackle them for an awesome look. I even got a faux dichroic glass look on the below focal


The main thing is to have FUN with the inks. Experiment, play, get colorful fingers. Let your muse take over and shut your brain off. You will be amazed at what you can create!

Happy claying!

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Haffina said...

Ink is on my list of things to try!

Creative Critters said...

OK, now I have a bit of a clue about alcohol inks- thanks so much. I've been curious about them for a while, but wasn't sure what to do. Now I'll have to do some experimenting!