Saturday, August 22, 2009

Introducing RFColorfulCreations



What got you interested in polymer clay as a medium?
I first heard about polymer clay when watching a craft show on television about three years ago. I was fascinated what could be done with this type of medium. The baking part of it was sort of intimidating. I watched these shows for a while and bought books to learn more about polymer clay. When the urge to play was to much, I went out and bought some clay and a pasta machine. That's how my love for creating with polymer clay got started.

What inspires you to create?
I really can't say what inspires me to create. I just love working with my hands. I love creating things that are fun and make me smile, hoping others will enjoy it also. What I create has to have a happy feeling. Enjoying what I'm doing makes creating a piece fun.

Do you have a favorite technique?
I really don't have a special technique. I love to experiment and use what works best for me. This medium is so forgiving. If you make a mistake just squash it up and start all over again, no harm done. Sometimes I design a sketch first, but as I create it develops into it's own person.

Of everything you have created which is your favorite?
When I first started creating with polymer clay I started with figurines. I kept most of them, because I can't seem to part with them. They were my first polymer clay babies. My favorite is called, Roadside Farmers Market. This one was so detailed I still can't believe I did it. My dearest girlfriend had me will it to her if I went first. I might just take it with me. LOL!!

RFColorfulCreations on Flickr

RFColorfulCreations on Flickr

What do you prefer to make out of polymer clay and why?
I have no preference to what I like to make with polymer clay. I love variety. I become very bored if I multi create the same exact thing. I may make two or three of something, but they are so different as to keep it fun. So what do I prefer, anything my imagination and polyclay will allow.

How do you decide what to make?
Deciding what to make at times can be difficult. Creating for me has to be fun. If it is not interesting and a fun project it's a turn off. It may take me days to decide what I am going to do, but when I do I am a happy camper.

Is there something you wish you could make in clay that you have not yet?
I create such a variety of items, not one is ever the same. I start out in one direction and what ever my mind and hands decide is my end results. The only thing I can think of I haven't tried which I would love to learn is cane. The detailed ones with faces and flowers, but to me that looks quite difficult. Maybe someday I will take a shot at it.

What makes polymer clay a better fit for your products than other mediums?
Polymer clay is a versatile medium and has endless possibilities. I still have so much to learn. I love taking something plain and turning it into a butterfly.
Polymer clay is a strong medium after baking. What I make I want to last a long, long time. The colors, the forgiveness and the durability is perfect for what I love to create.

What is your best advice for someone starting out in polymer clay?
I feel a person who wants to try playing with polymer clay should jump into with both feet. I am self taught and still learning. I learned how to use polymer clay from books. You can start small and work your way up to more difficult projects. The good thing about it, you can learn at your own pace. It's fun and challenging at the same time. They should always remember, if it does not come out like you want it, just squeeze it into a ball and start all over again.The main thing is to have fun.


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Glasstastic Treasures said...

Wow, those are just adorable items!! I'm going to go see more goodies. Thanks for sharing!

ClayItAgain / 12MidnightOils said...

I really like your lamp, and your little vegetable stand is adorable :)


Creative Critters said...

What an amazing artist! Tons of great items in her studio!