Saturday, August 15, 2009

Smoosher Studio Stroll - HaffinasCreations

Welcome to a glimpse into the workspace of a polymer clay artist! This is where the clay play magic happens for PCSG member HaffinasCreations and BeadsByHaffina. That's right, one artist with two shops. She is also the guild master for Art Fire's Chainmaille Guild.

'my' part of beading table, as you can see, right next to the computer!

'mum's' part of the beading table, as you can see..over run with my stuff, including the homemade, somewhat crushed lightbox. My daughter sat on it!

Mantlepiece where I kept my bust, new hand, keyrings and mum's beaded ornaments. The Dragon lady is mine ..although I didnt make it, but I did do the painting of the mandala..represents my own rebirth after the birth of my daughter.

About half of my polymer clay 'stuff', the other half is in the cupboard under this stuff.

New storage drawers under our beading table.. already filled most of them up with stringing supplies and packaging!

My 'resources' and a jewellery storage area. Under the bag, behind the 'bagged' stand, in the cane basket and under the brown cloth are most of my 'creations'. They are covered to protect them from dust.

The majority of our beading supplies, with a few scrapbooking things too... we had to keep buying new storage cos we keep filling them up!
I should point out that this is also our dining area..there is a table directly opposite the bookshelves..which sometimes gets used for crafting, but I tend to just move stuff on the beading table and set up for claying there..the pasta machine 'attaches' better to the beading table!
And yes it really is this messy most of the time... I get it cleaned up and then start making things and it just gets messy again..but I can find things even if noone else can! Not long after I took these photos my daughter attacked one of our bead mats with a pair of it now has huge cut marks in it!

5 Smooshing Thoughts:

Cat said...

Whoa, I wish my place looked only half, what do I say, a forth as organised! ;-)

ClayItAgain / 12MidnightOils said...

OMG! another organized smoosher! Am I really worthy of this guild :P

intothedawn said...

Ooo, drooling over all the great storage containers. Love your mandala painting!

Haffina said...

Not as organised as my mum would like! LOL It is our living/dining space as well, so it needs to be 'contained'

Tina Holden said...

I know what you mean about 'contained'. I'm in the same situation...using the dining room as my studio. I use decorative tins (large chest like cookie tins) to hide a lot of my material...but don't ask me what my deskS look like, lol.