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With all the mediums available for crafting why did you choose Polymer clay?
I started using it in earnest in the mid 1990's. I had set it aside due to a very overwhelming job. When I quit and moved I started dyeing silk, and made a lot of scarves. They were missing a certain something, and I decided to bead on the corners. After pricing beads in bulk (OUCH!) I realized I could make better beads by hand with clay. Searching for new techniques led me to Polymer Clay Central in the late 90's, and after meeting that wonderful bunch of crazies I was utterly hooked.

How did you learn to use polymer clay? Internet, experimenting, books, classes.....
I found a package of it in an art store in the late 1980's. I bought "The
New Clay" and was instantly attracted to it. At that time there weren't
any other books besides that one, so I learned by experimenting. I just
did simple stuff, fridge magnets, buttons, things like that. I used
Sculpey 3 and the odd package of Cernit because Fimo was too hard for me
to work with back then.

What is your favorite tool to work with?
My pasta makers are my favorite tools. I also love dental tools and various size/shape cutters. There's actually no end to the tools I love!

Do you like to work with any mediums other than polymer clay?
I love silk. I love to sew, to crochet, and I'm trying to work more with paper (making cards, and some ATC's).

What is your favorite polymer clay technique & why?
Faux Mokume Gane!!!! There's no end to the possibilities. I'm especially fond of using inks, paints & foils to create really interesting almost Monet-esque MG canes. I think using liquid clay would probably be my second favorite - I especially love doing transfers.

What is your least favorite technique and why?
Caning. I stink at representational canes. I don't have the eye or the patience, and I'm far too frugal with my clay.

What is on your "to do" or "to learn" list?
I'd love to be good at representational caning, if only as a fallback, but I don't think it's a technique I'll ever be comfortable with.

Do you mix your own colors? Why or why not?
Yes, but I mainly do it with inks. I tend to work on a very small scale and I love being able to make teensy batches of colors I probably can't ever recreate.

How do you keep your designs fresh and original?
I don't know that I do. I just do what looks or feels good to me at the time.

What keeps you from getting into a creative rut?
Ruts are my biggest problems, that and health issues. For me, surfing for eye candy helps me get the creative juices going better than anything.

What is your favorite brand of clay if you have one and why?
I am a Premo girl all the way. I do use some Fimo Soft from time to time but that's it. I haven't purchased clay since the formula change, so I don't know how that will affect my clay likes/dislikes.
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