Thursday, March 17, 2011

ArtsyClay's Inspiration

Creating is my "therapy." It is a way to stop time, forget all the worries and concerns of everyday life, and lose myself in an alternate world that feeds my soul. I grew up in a family of crafters. Everyone was always making something and how fun that was to do together. It's in my genes and a necessity.

The greatest inspiration to me is COLORS... I find all the colors of clay, and paints, and glass beads that I use to make bracelets very exciting and I love all the colors in the world that I see around me every day. I drink in colors like someone in a desert dying of thirst. It might be the tiniest thing: it rained today and I noticed a branch of a pine tree with droplets of water hanging off each needle catching the myriad colors of sunlight... or the other night coming out of the grocery store, I looked in awe at all the colors of the sky at sunset. Most people are too busy. I have learned to STOP and take a few moments to really LOOK. And then go home and create something new.


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Cat said...

How could I not be partial about those cool cat pendants? :-D
So cool!