Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Introducing mypolymerclaycanes


What got you interested in polymer clay as a medium?
I got started in clay after retiring from a long career in aircraft maintenance. I wanted to do something to keep working with my hands, but something that was fun and relaxing. A friend began teaching me pottery. One day, I was on the computer researching a glazing problem that we were having. I stumbled upon information about polymer clay. once I started working with the clay, I never stopped or looked back. I figure there is not enough time left in my life to try all ideas and techniques I still have in my head. And now, I have also added precious metal clay into the mix!

What inspires you to create?
Many things inspire me to create. Often it's nature or wildlife in my local enviroment. I live on a barrier Island in the Gulf of Mexico. Dolphins are prevalent here and I just love them. That's why you will always see Dolphins in my work in both mediums. Other times, an idea may come to me in a dream, or be floating around in my head when I wake up. It can even come from a tool or texture. Whenever I clean up my work table, inspiration usually follows immediately. It's as if I see a fresh new playground and just have to run to the swings!

Do you have a favorite technique?
A favorite technique...that's a hard question to decide. I love to cane. Using the canes on a project is just as fun though. I like to make my own beads. I figure that the only way to insure your work is really unique and one of a kind is to make your own beads. Then, you have beads that no one can purchase. And, no one can copy your work.

Of everything you have created which is your favorite?
One of my favorites still is this Dolphin box I made with some of my canes.

Joleen the Dolphin Box

What do you prefer to make out of polymer clay and why?
What do I prefer to make and why? Hm, that is very hard to decide... I guess I would choose pendants. That's what I wear the most. And, with pendants, you can use just about any clay technique you want.

How do you decide what to make?
Many things come into play when I decide what to make. I do a lot of custom orders in my local area. That directs a good portion of my work. Other than that, it can be anything from wanting something for myself to wanting to experiment, or just wanting to try a new technique.

Is there something you wish you could make in clay that you have not yet?
Yes, there is something I've been wanting to make. I am getting ready for an art show in April. I have an idea for some unique fish boxes I want to make with my canes to bring to the show. Hopefully, I will be able to get started on this in the next few days.

What makes polymer clay a better fit for your products than other mediums?
Polymer clay makes the best fit for my items because you can do just about anything with it. You are only limited by your imagination.

What is your best advice for someone starting out in polymer clay?
My best advice for someone starting out in polymer clay would be to not go out and spend a lot of money on tools and such until you've been doing it for a while. Spend your money first on a good pasta machine and some sharp blades and of course, the clay. Other tools and texture can be found all around you in your own home. The other thing would be, don't be afraid to experiment!

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Aircraft maintenance sounds like a very interesting job. I love these interviews!

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Wonderful interview & beautiful caning work!