Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CreativeCritters' Inspiration

I love everything I create, but my Steampunk Pirate Cat is my favorite right now.

He was inspired in part by my cat, Calcifer, along with the Steampunk trend in general. He stands 10 inches tall with a 12 1/2 inch wingspan- a big project, to say the least. He was modeled after Calcifer, right down to the blind left eye, which I covered with an eye patch. Each of the feathers on his wings was sculpted, textured, and colored with Pearl Ex powders one at a time. I think when I spend so many hours (over several weeks) on a project like this I become very attached to the piece. This one has so many little personal elements in it, and evokes a wide range of emotions in me. Sculpting is like magic- you take a bunch of shapeless clay and turn it into this amazing creation using only your hands and a few tools.


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Miss Val's Creations said...

Great creation! I love it!!! ~Val