Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ask a Smoosher

Got a polymer clay question? Just click "smooshing thoughts" below and put your question(s) in a reply to this post. Various artists will answer your questions and we will post them here on the blog in a few days.
Please ask your questions by Friday, June 12th at midnight Central US/Mexico time.

2 Smooshing Thoughts:

UBK said...

What is the trick to baking in segments? Like you bake part of it, add more clay, bake again, etc? Or do you bake the individual pieces and glue them together when you are done?

What kind of glue is best for gluing polymer clay pieces?

What is one thing you have always wanted to make or try but havent? What kept you from trying?

M2bC said...

I'm seeking a new addiction and polymer clay looks promising! I played with the clay a few years ago, so I know how cool it is.

I was wondering about its earth-friendliness and found some articles on pardo polymer clay which is apparently made with beeswax. Anyone have any experience with it?


ps - great blog!