Sunday, June 21, 2009

Book Review: The Art of Polymer Clay

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When I first began hoarding everything polymer clay, I wanted to obtain as much information and instructions as I could. In my opinion there are a few must have books for a beginner pc'er, and 'The Art of Polymer Clay' by Donna Kato is right on top of my list. She has been considered by many, a guru of polymer clay. Seen countless times on the Carol Duvall show on HGTV for several years, she has introduced this addiction to many of us. Her work is exquisite, detailed, and always flawless looking.

book art of pc by kato

In the book The Art of Polymer Clay, Donna introduces the newbie to the different polymer clays on the market, different tools to be used, and many misc supplies that can be used in conjunction with the clay. The pictures and directions are clear and easy to understand, many with detailed step-by-step photos.
She takes the beginner from simple shapes and canes to surface treatments, finished vessels and sculptures. Among the methods described are: onlay techniques to create different beads; making and using molds; imitation/faux jade, jasper, turquiose, and others; using armatures to strengthen your projects; different flowers; lined and unlined vessels and bowls; a particuarly nice seahorse sculpture; and finally the book is finished up with detailed directions to making a realistic face/head. I have only briefly covered the many topics in this book, and hopefully, I explained enough that you have a good idea of whether the contents would be helpful to you. I am a seasoned polyholic and I still keep this book in my inventory. In fact I even forgot about the seahorse. Yet, another reason for me to re-visit this book again. I paid full price for the book and considered it well worth every penny. I give this book 5 stars out of 5 and I recommend it for the beginner to even the seasoned pro.

Stay tuned to our blog; next time I will review Sue Heaser's book - Polymer Clay Techniques.

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