Friday, June 12, 2009

Tool Drool - Textures

The sheer number of things that you can use to add texture to clay is almost endless.
fondant roller

You could use 2GoodClaymates stamp tutorial to create your own texture stamp.
More ideas for texture include...
fondant rollers, knitting needles, cut (decorative) glass,
rubber stamps, texture sheets, paper doilies,
a flea comb, one of those things you put under furniture feet,
old lace, mustache comb, plastic bath scrubby,
even the bottom of your shoes (clean of course),
paint brush bristles, edges of various bottle caps, your own fingerprints...

Soon you will be using almost everything you see to create textures in clay. What are some of your favorite things to use to create textures in polymer clay? Click Smooshing Thoughts and tell us all about them.

1 Smooshing Thoughts:

PolymerClayTutor said...

Great ideas! I like the fingerprint one! Made me think of making some 'CSI' beads in black clay with white finger prints. Could be really fun! ~Cindy Lietz