Friday, May 13, 2011

KneadedThings' favorite creation

I lost all my photos with a computer what I'd pick as my favorite all time creation exists only in my mind as it was sold long ago. But more recent things this is my fav. It was my first attempt in using mokume gane for jewelry. Its a necklace I wear more than any other.. and since its reversible I get twice the mileage out of it.


Here's a view showing the reverse side.


4 Smooshing Thoughts:

Lupe Meter said...

This is a beautiful creation! I am a fan of purple and mokume gane...awesome work!

Dori said...

Wow, this is a really awesome piece. amazing!!

Desert Rubble said...

Sorry to hear about the computer crash but this one rocks, love the colors and variations in shape, awesome!

ArtFairly Aware said...

Love it!