Monday, May 9, 2011

Work In Progress by ClayItAgain

Here is my latest work in progress. It's still in the early stages. I know there is a cactus and a dude.
I haven't decided yet what he is going to be doing. At first I was going to have him napping with a sombrero over the face (cheaters way out), but hubster thinks this one needs to show a face and I tend to agree...
Work in Progress
So now I am undecided what he is going to be doing...we've kicked around ideas of him sitting eating chips and salsa, drinking a beer...IDK I'm still uncommitted at this point.
The feet will be going in the oven next because hopefully they will be getting some huarache sandals.
Parts is parts :)
But before they(the feet) go in, I need to know what the feet will be doing so that I have them positioned at the right angles.
Anyone have any ideas for me???

2 Smooshing Thoughts:

BeeJOOled FaERe WURkZ said...

Hello...I have been lost sculpting over the weekend and only now found your post.

Since you said that you were "undecided what he is going to be doing" and asked for suggestions - from the positioning of his hands I think he is playing a guitar!

Cat said...

Very cool!
And I like the guitar idea :-)