Tuesday, May 31, 2011


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I like to do create just about anything from whatever I can get my hands on - I make cards...
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I paint and do mixed media on canvas...
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I paint wood signs...
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and I create many more items, I like knitting, crocheting, mixed media anything, paper and marble clay sculpting, paper mache etc.

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Monday, May 30, 2011


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I create a variety of different things, and tend to jump from craft to craft, or even have several different craft projects going at once. I can honestly say I've never gotten bored when it comes to creating. I had a very hard time learning how to knit though, and it was something I really wanted to be able to do. I tried learning from a book, like I'd done with most of my other crafts, but couldn't get the hang of it. It wasn't until my best friend sat down with me and actually SHOWED me how to do it that I finally learned to knit. Once I got it figured out I was off and running! I knit the usual scarves, hats, blankets, and purses, and once I was sure of myself I started knitting stuffed animals. At first I followed patterns in books, but before long I was able to create my own patterns make unique one of a kind creatures. One of my favorites is this unicorn. He's so soft and cuddly, and he's just full of character! He's available in my shop, along with a variety of other animals.

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For me knitting was difficult to learn, but once I mastered the basics I found great joy in the process. I really like using soft yarn that feels good to touch. I find knitting very relaxing, and creating an adorable stuffed critter with nothing more than some knitting needles, yarn, stuffing, and some creativity seems a bit like magic.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011


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Before I discovered polymer clay I exclusively painted and drew. The training I had in that discipline has worked into jewelry and clay now.

Paris Daydream


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Friday, May 27, 2011

Adorning with polymer clay

A tin watering can is the strangest thing I've covered. I put a silk floral arrangement in it and it's been in my bathroom for almost 5 years.




Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gingerbells' favorite creation

This was one of my favorites it is a hand mirror I made for my friend's Mother in law. I have made several mirrors in the past. They are fun but labor intensive because there are a lot of steps just building the mirror before the fun decorating part starts.

tiles and mirror 002

tiles and mirror 003

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2goodclaymates' favorite creation

This is one of my most favorite pieces I created called "Summer Magic"

Summer Magic

When I make a large piece I generally plan it all out ahead of time by drawing it out. For this one, however, I first made the textured "kite" beads in some fun summer colors. When I arranged them on a string, I could suddenly visualize the rest of the design with the "kite" pendant and tube beads and it all just seemed to fall in to place like magic.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Haffina's favorite creation

I've made many things over the last couple of years out of polymer clay, with varying amounts of skill and success. But my favourite creation is not the most brilliant or the most gobsmacking. It is one of the simplest pieces I have made, the one that speaks of the inner me. It came about as part of a challenge to create a goddess bead. At the time I made this I had only just begun with polymer clay, and I had virtually no experience with sculpting. As a result it is just barely 'human shaped', but I 'blinged' it up with some Swarovski crystals LOL Since I made it it has lived on my keyring, fits beautifully in the palm of my hand and is very comforting when I rub my thumb over it. Those who know me will know it is most definitely 'my colours'.


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Monday, May 23, 2011

phoenixartstudio's favorite creation

There have been many pieces that I love, but I still think that my all-time favorite is my art nouveau fairy brooch. I've been working on another one actually. I love that this one combines my love of fantasy with my love of art nouveau. I also love all of the different techniques that were used in this one and how they work together.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

intothedawn's favorite creation

My favorite creation is this egg-shaped Goddess figure covered in climbing roses that I made back in 2009. I call her the Lady of the Roses. When I started her, I wasn't even sure what I wanted her to look like, but as I continued to work everything just came together as if something inside me already knew what to do. I made her with the intention of putting her in my shop, but I have never been able to do it-- this is the one creation out of everything I've made that I can't seem to part with.

Climbing Rose Goddess

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Various Techniques

My favorite technique depends on my mood. I like working with the pearlex powders, then I shift and make mokume gane, right now I'm trying to make pendants that look like glass using translucent clay to show some depth. Oh, art sheets are really neat too.

Black and white swirled heart with translucent clay:
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Mokume Gane:
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Stamped clay with pearlex powders:
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Favorite Technique: Swirling

I make jewelry and small sculptures. With my jewelry I really enjoy swirling and the Natasha technique. I really enjoying trying to see what design is made when using the Natasha technique. With sculpting it is just watching something come to life, to see personality in it's face.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ArtsyClay's favirite creation

This is one of my all-time favorites and very healing... a self-portrait with my precious Einstein who passed away in 2001.

Love Me, Love My Cat clay pendant (better photo)

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Work in progress by ColtPixy

simple armature...
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skull and body core in apoxie sculpt
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It is tiny so did not need an augmented armature but I decided to attach it to a stand so the brass tubing only goes up to the bottom joint in 3 legs.
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I have since attached 3 brass rods into the stand that the tubes in his legs will fit over.
Beginning to add polymer clay...

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

averilpam's favorite creation

My favourite at the moment is this necklace in spring colours, I think it's a bit like dolly mixtures (English candy!) and rather yummy.

Chunky Necklace Pink and Green Patterned

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

BewitchingDreams' favorite creation

One of my very favorites is something I do not have a picture of...but it was a diving frog. My dad and I had received our SCUBA certifications and for his birthday one year, when I first started sculpting, I created a little frog with mask, BC regulator and even a little wire dive flag! He is absolutely adorable...this past year, my dad requested that I make him another. This is my second favorite, only because I have been struggling so hard with him this year.

My original idea with him didn't completely pan out, so I am still working on creating him into the perfect piece. Where he was supposed to be perched on the edge of water, with a moray eel below, he will be fashioned onto a picture frame with of my dad and I going diving.

Diver Frog
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Now, my favorite creation for myself :D is my recently completed studio logo/business card holder

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Friday, May 13, 2011

KneadedThings' favorite creation

I lost all my photos with a computer crash...so what I'd pick as my favorite all time creation exists only in my mind as it was sold long ago. But more recent things this is my fav. It was my first attempt in using mokume gane for jewelry. Its a necklace I wear more than any other.. and since its reversible I get twice the mileage out of it.


Here's a view showing the reverse side.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DanasJewelryEtc's favorite creation

I have to say that this is one of my favorites....

Beautiful Blue and Gold

I saw it in an ad and fell in love with it, of course I couldn't see the whole necklace just a tad bit on either side of the focal bead and of course the focal bead. The designer of the necklace in the ad was Scott Mizevitz, which of course I gave credit for. You can imagine my surprise when he contacted me through FB Chatbox. We talked for a long time but at the beginning of the conversation he told me he loved what I had done with the necklace. During that conversation he also gave me some links to some other of he's designs and how to do them and to this day we have remained friends. So yes I have to say this is one of my favorites, I guess you can say part mine and part Scott's, together made the perfect necklace.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Handmade Tools: needle tool

This may not be the weirdest tool ever created but it is helpful for creating simple marks in my clay pieces. I normally use it for my figurines for making a mouth or for lines in flowers. I used to use corsage pins but they were too small to use by themselves. I needed an handle so I made one out of some scrap clay and now I have a handy tool to make my marks. It's only about 4" long but it's one of the few tools I routinely use.

Clay tool



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Monday, May 9, 2011

Work In Progress by ClayItAgain


Here is my latest work in progress. It's still in the early stages. I know there is a cactus and a dude.
I haven't decided yet what he is going to be doing. At first I was going to have him napping with a sombrero over the face (cheaters way out), but hubster thinks this one needs to show a face and I tend to agree...
Work in Progress
So now I am undecided what he is going to be doing...we've kicked around ideas of him sitting eating chips and salsa, drinking a beer...IDK I'm still uncommitted at this point.
The feet will be going in the oven next because hopefully they will be getting some huarache sandals.
Parts is parts :)
But before they(the feet) go in, I need to know what the feet will be doing so that I have them positioned at the right angles.
Anyone have any ideas for me???


Friday, May 6, 2011

buds and blossoms themed challenge

Last time you challenged us to create something with the theme buds and blossoms. Here are our entries. Click on the corresponding username to see larger image, more images and descriptions.
Please vote in the poll on the left column of this blog to let us know what theme you would like to see us work on next. Poll ends Sunday, May 8th 2:00pm Google time.






Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Every color in the rainbow!