Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ask a Smoosher

We are going to try something different now.
Got a polymer clay question? Just click "smooshing thoughts" below and put your question(s) in a reply to this post. Various artists will answer your questions and we will post them here in a few days.
Please ask your questions by Wednesday, May 6th at midnight Central US/Mexico time.

Questions are now closed. Look for your answers on next Tuesday's "Ask a Smoosher".

4 Smooshing Thoughts:

Creative Cove Jewelry Designs said...

Why do some use a shiney finish and some just leave it like a matte finish? preference or technique?

UBK said...

Ok, so as of last night, I have about half a table full of poly stuff ready to bake...

But I don't know for how LONG. I know the temp, but not how long.

One thingydeal is about 1/16th- 1/8th inch thick, some of my beads are 1/4 inch thick, the little coffee cup thing is more of a sculpture and is about 3/4 inch tall by about 1/2 across...Oh, and another pen. I can't remember how long I used to bake those, and refuse to confess to the number I burnt before I finally "got it right".

*more to follow*

UBK said...

and another one...I have some pretty seed beads, not sure if they are glass or plastic, but they are teeny, and long story short, is it ok to push them into the clay before baking and bake like usual?

#3. I've seen things in tutorials that say you can paint the clay with acrylic paint...is this before, or after, or "pick one"?

#4 Seriously, how do you get the translucent to BE translucent and not look like fish scales? (Never had much luck with it in the past, but want to try it again)

#5. In all these cane tutorials, I see these HUGE fat canes. I know you are supposed to reduce it, but if you are only going to make a handful of beads, what do most of YOU do with the extra?? I'd hate to waste that much clay for just 10 beads.

#6. For the jewelry makers...where do you get your necklace bails?

#7 where can I get a clay gun? I saw a tutorial I want to try, and think I may need one.

#8. Why is this stuff so dang addicting??? I messed with clay for HOURS last night, and lost track of the time!!

Ok yup. I think I'm done. For now.

Thank you for taking the time to help!!

LaDeDaCreations said...
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