Friday, May 15, 2009

Introducing SassyClayCreations


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What got you interested in polymer clay as a medium?
How easy it was to use and being able to bake in a regular oven.

What inspires you to create?
Colors. Talking with other people who have ideas about what they wish they could find.

Do you have a favorite technique?
Not yet.

Of everything you have created which is your favorite?
A mirror I feature on my blog: I began working with various colors, shapes and techniques.

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What do you prefer to make out of polymer clay and why?
I would prefer to make items to show around the home. Bowls, wall art, things of that nature.

How do you decide what to make?
Sometimes an idea will pop into my head when I first wake in the morning. Sometimes I see a picture on the internet and get an idea for something else. My partner, Dean may make a suggestion for something he would like to see.

Is there something you wish you could make in clay that you have not yet?
Oh yes. I wish I could make free standing boxes. I keep trying but so far, not much luck.

What makes polymer clay a better fit for your products than other mediums?
The ease of use, the colors and availability of product. Plus it helps keep my arthritis in check.

What is your best advice for someone starting out in polymer clay?
Don't get discouraged and if you have difficulty with something, there are plenty of people willing to help you. Just ask.


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Susan Averello said...

Your stuff is beautiful, I just recieved an update from Polymer Clay Daily and your interview was featured,
She shows off the best of the best, you should be proud.